Pipeweed is NOT "weed" in LOTR!

Yes, but some people are wrong. Cite.

Damn, got here 10 years too late. Anyway, you are correct in thinking that Tolkein was talking about tobacco.

All the same, LOTR is set in a prior age of our Earth. Tobacco wasn’t introduced to Europe until the middle ages, cannabis plants have been here from prehistory. If the wizards were smoking anything, it was more likely to have been pot.

Generally, how do people find these ten year old threads?

Google search?

When you’re determined to pimp your blog, you make the effort to go to that 21th page of search results I suppose.

Pipeweed was, according to Tolkein, introduced to Middle Earth by the Numenoreans who brought it from over the sea.

Does this remind you of anything? Like, the demon weed of the Nicotiana family?

21th? Is that anything like eleventy-first?

Are there other tobaccos in the books?

Because the movie is not the book. Gandalf and Bilbo were clearly high, and Saruman also implies Gandalf has been smoking weed.

And potatoes aren’t an Old World crop, either, but Tolkien put them in Middle Earth, too.

Well, how would you say it ? Real question, since I’m not a native English speaker. Twenty-first ? Twenty-oneth ?

Twenty-first, or 21st.

Yes, it is twenty-first or 21st. And Tolkien’s use of “eleventy-one” for 111 was a joke, as eleventy is not a real word in English. It’s something a child might say.

… well then that’s OBVIOUSLY what I meant, then. Irony, people ? GAWD.

Hmm, from your link:

And I can attest to the fact that quickly smoking several cigarettes in a row can indeed get you high, albeit briefly.

I don’t get it. Pipeweed is made up. It’s like Luke Skywalker drinking blue milk. It’s like Dune spice is what, oil? Pot? Something else? It just is what it is in the story. People (and they are all people, dwarves, Hobbits, elves and talking dragons included) in middle earth use lots of herbs for various purposes and they aren’t meant to be exactly the same herbs we’re familiar with. They can be whatever the author makes up. Tobacco and pot aren’t the only things that can be smoked, so why does pipeweed have to be either or? It’s just something you smoke and its effects are this this and this.


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O mush-brained maid whose mind decays with every pill I slip her!
O mind-blown fair farina-head, friend of birds and beetles!
O skinny wraith whose fingernails are hypodermic needles!
O tangled locks and painted bod! Pupils big as eggs!
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O softened mind that wanders wherever moon above leads!
O how I dig thee, Hashberry, from nose to sleazy love-beads!

As others have said, I’m sure Tolkien intended pipe-weed to be tobacco or something analogous… but he certainly did not consider it to be devoid of psychoactive properties. In the piece called “The Hunt for the Ring” in Unfinished Tales, Tolkien goes into some detail regarding the use of pipe-weed by Gandalf and Saruman. At first, Saruman was contemptuous of Gandalf’s use of the weed. At the meeting of the White Council in 2851, Saruman spoke against Gandalf’s advice to attack Dol Guldur; Gandalf sat and smoked in silence, which irritated Saruman, and he later said, “I wonder a little that you should play with your toys of fire and smoke, while others are in earnest speech.” Gandalf replied, “You would not wonder, if you used this herb yourself. You might find that smoke blown out cleared your mind of shadows within. Anyway, it gives patience, to listen to error without anger.” As we know, Saruman later became a regular user, but he attempted to keep this fact secret from Gandalf.

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Brought to Middle-Earth by Cirvaltaralë…?