Pirate Medley - Amazing a capella recording

A bit late for “Talk Like A Pirate Day,” but I guess you can be a pirate for Halloween. The music in this “Pirates of the Carribean” medley by Peter Hollens & Gardiner Sisters was made using only the human voice - 107 vocal tracks in all.


For something created using only the human voice, it sounds oddly synth heavy.

I buy the synth sounds as being combined recorded voices. I’ve heard similar sounds with live groups of much fewer than 107 singers. The drum machine is a bit harder to believe, but maybe they had that guy from the Police Academy movies.

It reminds me of Todd Rundgren’s 1985 album A Cappella. Every sound on that album was Rundgren’s voice, but he did a lot of digital manipulation on the recordings of his voice, in order to more closely replicate the sounds of various instruments. Here’s a track from that album; you can hear how his voice is morphed into drum machine beats, among other sounds.

(And, no, I have no idea why he’s wearing pigtails in that video. :p)