Pissky: Whisky made from diabetics' urine

How’s the scotch?

Tastes like piss.

How’s your piss?

Tastes like scotch!


Is that Pete I’m tasting?

No, Scott.

“Are you driving drunk?”
“No, occifer-I’m recycling!”

Are you sure he isn’t just taking the piss?

That gives “Bottoms Up!” a whole new meaning.

Excuse me, is that a single malt?

No, this one’s a widower.

“Fifteen minutes later we had our first taste of whiskey.
There was uncles giving lectures on ancient Irish history.
The men all started telling jokes, and the women, they got frisky.
At five o’clock in the evening every bastard there was piskey.”

–The Pogues, “The Body of An American” (1986)


From bathtub gin to toilet scotch.

That diabetic has a rye sense of humor.

I imagine Shane’s piss would need to be watered down to make it as alcoholic as whiskey.

Suitable for export? It’s already been exported once.

This isn’t as bad as what he’s planning on doing with their soiled diapers…

Hot Damn!! Now I’ve got a retirement plan.

  1. Eat a bit spaghetti dinner and a piece of chocolate cream pie right before bed.

  2. Get up to piss four or five times during the night.

  3. Set up a still.

  4. ???

  5. Profit.

I understand that the first runs are now maturing in butts.

Haggis for recyclers!