pit bulls

My complaint is for Pit Bulls. I walk my beagles in the park every day. Sniffing .peeing on bushes ,chasing squirrels. that sort of thing. The beagles do it too.Anyway I have had 7 very bad instances of irresponsible dog.owners. Every time it has been a pit bull owner with his dog NOT on a leash.Once I put my beage in an empty trash can to save him… I have stood on picnic tables and kicked at them. Every time the owner says it never happened before. Well on a leash it never happens at all. The owners have some sort of macho idea that they are masters of these dogs and have a need to publically prove it. They could kill my puppies in seconds ,yet they see no need for a leash. The fine for unleashed dogs is 225 bucks.Yet they let them loose.

They say a bazooka will discourage most pit bulls.

No. 4 buckshot out of a 12ga should work nicely. :smiley: The city might frown on this though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like your complaint is about pit bull owners. It’s not the dogs’ fault. They’re just being dogs.

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I expect I’ll get hammered for this, but your complaint is not “for Pit Bulls.” Given the wide range of breeds that get lumped under the heading “pit bull” by non-knowledgeable people (including, unfortunately, a lot of legislators), I am hesitant to believe that you have reliably identified a specific, problematic dog breed. Your problem, as you correctly state in the portion I bolded, is with irresponsible dog owners. They certainly deserve the pitting – why not retitle this thread?

You and your pups have my sympathies and best wishes.

Pits are a game dog. The breed originated in no small part for fighting. It would seem that they would normally be more aggressive and not appropriate for “dog parks” perhaps. The same notion might apply to other breeds as well.

therefore they should be less likely to be walking free,but it is the opposite I’ve found to be true.In detroit when a dog is resued,if it is a pit bull they kill it.

I wouldn’t have a problem with Pits if many owners knew how to take care of them. As it is, I don’t trust Pits because I don’t feel like I can trust their owners. A poor upbringing = danger for me.

Far as I’m concerned, a well-socialized pitbull has been a rare experience. I don’t trust 'em and I’d like to see 'em gone.

To the OP: next time you see these dogs running loose, use your cellphone (if you have one that is, but who doesn’t besides me?) to call the police. You have every right.

P.S. I love beagles. :slight_smile:

I’m glad I live in a state that allows concealed carry of firearms. If an unleashed dog attacked me, my family, or my pet, I have an excellent means to decisively end the threat.

If your cellphone has a camera – or if you have a small camera you can easily take along with you – take pictures, preferably of an owner interacting with an unleashed dog. If you can get a license plate or address too, that’ll help. These people are disregarding the $225 fine because they don’t think anyone will report them. Teach them to re-think that attitude!

I’ve really had the opposite experience. Perhaps I run with a different class of Pit owner (Note: I would never own one. They require too much attention to raise properly), but I’ve found the Pit Bulls and Pitweilers I’ve met to be as well-socialized as any other dog.

In Ontario pit bulls must be kept muzzled when off the owner’s property, and are not permitted to breed. The law is new, so it has not yet been seriously tested by the courts. It may fail due to the difficulty in defining what a pit bull is. I hope it does not fail.

If someone’s letting their dog off leash in an area with other dogs, they’re not being a responsible owner, period, and that has absolutely nothing to do with breed.

I’d complain to park management about unleashed dogs and do what I could to document specific instances for them as they occur. I’d be wary of stating specifically it was a Pit that caused the problem; many of the looks-like-what-people-assume-a-pit-to-be dogs aren’t Pits at all or are part-Pit mutts, and that could lead to the owner claiming “Couldn’t have been my dog- he’s not a Pit.”

My best friend and her husband have a pit bull, and he is the biggest, most adorable dope on the planet. They got kicked out of an apartment complex because of their dog (even though it had been pre-approved by management) because some lady reported them for having a pit bull and was frightened. They followed all of the rules about cleaning up his droppings, keeping him on a leash, etc., and in addition this dog is the most harmless dog ever. They moved up to the Seattle area and someone broke into their house, and the dog just stuck his tongue out and acted like he wanted to play.

Pit bulls are not naturally any more aggressive than any other dog, it’s just that the people who tend to want pit bulls aren’t the kind of people who should be taking care of another being. Classifying rottweilers as more aggressive is stupid, too. I’ve met many a well-behaved rottweiler, and many aggressive ones, and it always corresponded with what kind of owner they had. Golden labs are generally the most mild-mannered dogs ever, and yet I’ve met some that attack anything that moves because they were unfortunate enough to have bad owners.

Blame the owner, not the dog. And yes, report them - ALL dogs should have leashes, for good reason.


We have a large park next to us with an off-leash area. This doesn’t stop the bastard dog owners from letting their dogs run anywhere they wanted (most of the offenders were local).

A few calls to the park dept and animal control and the problem has mostly been cleared up. Most dogs are on leash now.

The odd thing is, even with an off-leash area, these people don’t use it. It’s almost always empty when we take our pit bull mix to it.

Just start making calls,. lots of them. Make the department in change of that park enforce the rules. Hell, call the local TV stations. Make some noise.

I’m not even going to get into the whole “pit bulls are evil” debate. It’s stupid. If you honestly believe put bulls naturally want to eat your children then you’re a fucking idiot and nothing I say will change your mind.

So all the numerous, documented incidents of Pit Bull aggressiveness and attacks on dogs and people, are due strictly to owner misbehavior?

I can’t say what all of them are due to, but pits are the most popular breed among Total Fuckwads, Asshats and Jerkoffs. Three demographics that are more inclined than average to raise a dog improperly.

Not to mention that most people, including most local governments and statistics compilers, can’t tell the difference between a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, a Presa Canario, a Bull Terrier, an American Bulldog and an unregistered, unpedigreed, intentionally misbred mutt monstrosity sold to people who want a “tough” dog. If you lump multiple breeds and any mutt who fits the general public perception into “Pit Bull Type”, it becomes impossible to compare number of attacks reported vs. the number of dogs out there (especially when you’re counting unregistered mutts) to then fairly compare to, say, German Shepherd Dog attacks.

Boxers were extensively used for fighting as well, but almost anyone who knows anything about dogs will tell you that boxers are one of the most calm, timid, and sociable breeds of dog out there. I’d be more worried about a loose cocker spaniel than a boxer, and that isn’t an exaggeration.

Pit bulls I would say are more aggressive than boxers but still not as aggressive as a chow, and all of the breeds can be integrated easily in human society if properly trained and managed.