Pit Trolling And Friendly Crumudgeon

I believe that the mods have made it quite clear that is was his behavior in ATMB that sealed the deal. To deny that is calling them liars.

Oh now, Doc-Oct, if it really struck you that hard you’d have lumps. Well… more lumps.

If it’s the “we’ll never know” part that gets your goat… well maybe that explains some your hatred of the world. I may not be a medical professional like you, but may I recommend the Decaf? They say its tasty.

You’re Welcome!

We’ll never know?

Moderator Note

While there is a valid point to be made that we don’t want sea-lioning in ATMB, there is also a valid point that we don’t want baseless accusations either. There are some things that are just opinions, and for those you are certainly free to express your opinion.

But, if you make an accusation or assertion, you need to be able to back something like that up.

For example, if you say the moderation staff is biased against people with animals in their avatars, you need to show some examples of this bias, otherwise it’s just baseless accusations. If someone asks for an example so that the issue can be discussed, you can’t just dismiss it as just your opinion. Otherwise there can be no discussion about the issue and there is therefore no reason to continue the thread.

I think it’s worth noting (haven’t seen it from this POV yet) that the post in question was also, in effect, a racist joke. Or a joke about racist jokes. I mean, someone who thinks it’s funny to make a joke about the n-word probably comes close to the generic policy against hate speech that applies even in the Pit, right?

Moderator Note

Call people by their proper user name, please. It is not clear what your intention was here, but even if the name substitution was intended to be cutesy or clever or otherwise harmless, it could be taken as an insult.

Miller has stated that was the deciding factor for him. We waited for his input before we took action, since as you say the incident began in the Pit. So there’s no “probably” about it.

Now you know.

Given Huey and Curmudgeon couldn’t be more far apart on the political spectrum, it sounds like it’s not a good idea to piss off … anyone. Or, at least, the multitudinous middle. That’s hardly some deep insight - of course trolls are going to want to piss off as many people as possible.

Following some discreet inquiry, I can assure everyone that cop porn is a thing.

The dog ate my homework; please accept this dog as payment in kind.

This is common knowledge; no reminders are required.

No inquiry required - Rule 34 applies.

Yes, that’s SFW.

Thank you for your honesty. I shall remember this when viewing future posts.

Just to clarify, if he wrote “sounded like he said the N-word” instead of “said the N-word” he wouldn’t have been banned?

I think that’s possible. But it would be even a more pointless observation and probably worth a warning.

If he had, he wouldn’t have been banned. Maybe not a warning either as Miller is very easy going about not giving out warnings in the Pit.

If he didn’t start the ATMB thread and effectively double-downed, he would not have been banned and again probably not been warned.

If he had been a longer term poster and not apparently a troll or trock, he would have got off with a suspension.

Trying to play the victim card over a temporarily closed thread didn’t help his case either.

He had also made other posts in other threads that had at least some of the mods suspicious about him before the ill-fated pair of threads. Oddly enough, not political posts.

These decisions are not bright line events. A lot is taken into account. Many factors end up in play.

This one seems bright line. If you are called on a case like this, mis-attribution of a hot word, don’t double down on it. There’s a difference between “sounds like” and “is”. It’s a way to establish the intent necessary to label something as ‘trolling’.

Yes, with such a loaded word, it’s the difference between pointing and laughing at an inadvertent innocent mishap (certainly fair game in the Pit, even if it’s classless directed against someone with a past speech impediment), and blatant lying that someone was caught using a racist slur.

Apparently, yes, you can wallow in the mud in the Pit, but not ATMB. That’s why he got in trouble.

Again, this simply proves the Pit is a bad idea. But I guess that is a uphill battle.

Well, the consequences don’t prove that. A lying troll got banned.

An insistent, lying upstart troll got banned. For insisting and lying over and over and over, even after being told to STFUp. No loss. Lying trocks always come back-we’ll be forced to endure the curmudgeon again in some thinly veiled form.