"Pitch" and non-acoustic senses

Am I weird? (Rhetorical, don’t answer that.) When it comes to describing sensations from various senses, I frequently describe it in terms of “pitch” like music.

ie/ I have a headache or a toothache. It’s not a “dull” pain or a “sharp” pain, I describe it in terms of “I have a high pitch headache.” “My toothache is in the upper-bass tones.”

Smell and taste are the same. Cucumber is a higher pitched veggie than broccoli (and cucumber tastes more delicate.) Higher pitch perfumes will give me the worst migraines, but colognes in the lower tones will make me throw up (I’m allergic to fragrance and this is how I describe them.)

Does anyone else use “pitch” to describe other senses? Or is this just one of my little “quirks?”

I eat, sleep and drink music, and I’ll admit I’ve never thought of that, and I’ve thought of some pretty bizarre things.