Pitting Norton Anti-Virus-you suck

All right, so my new computer comes with a free trial of Norton Anti-Virus. I’m a little wary, as when I had Norton on my computer years ago, it screwed everything up when I tried to do an update. But hey, it’s only a trial, and I can always get something else when it’s up.

I also ended up with a bit of spyware on my computer, as does everyone, so I go and download Ad-Aware again. WONDERFUL product!

I run Ad-Aware. It gets all the spyware files and I go to quarantine them. It tells me that Norton is still waiting for a scan of some file or section. So, it won’t let me quarantine until I go through Norton and perform a scan.

I do so. It takes about an hour, then it goes and says, “here are questionable files (the same ones that Ad-Aware came up with), you can delete them”. Then it tells me some files should be checked before deleting (the same exact ones!) and says they’re excluded. I go to finish Ad-Aware and it does the SAME THING-same pop up window requesting a Norton scan.

WTF? I am TRYING to get rid of these files, you stupid piece of shit software. Stop interferring!

(I’ve heard of other people having problems with Norton interferring. What gives?)

I have both pieces of software. I have no problems like that. If it’s really an issue, right click on the system tray NAV icon, and select disable. Then perform your Adaware scan.

Guin, like PA said, I have both Norton and Ad-Aware and I’ve never had this porblem either. Stop NAV and try again.


You may wish to check the settings on Norton, guin. NAV, NIS, NAS, AdAware and Spybot S&D all play nicely together on my box.

Hi Guin, I have the same setup as danceswithcats and I also can report that they do play nice with each other.

To get around this, you should do like ParentalAdvisory mentoned, the only difference on mine, is that one has to select “Configure Norton Antivirus” and then uncheck the auto protect feature, use Ad-aware and then re-enable the auto protect in Norton.

Ooo, I have a beef with Norton too. Not Norton specifically, but Symantec. They screwed me out of a couple hundred bucks. A few months agot I got Utilities 7.0 for Mac, which stated on the front, “Compatible with OSX 10.2 and higher!” Well, great, I was running OSX 10.6. So, got it home, installed, and guess what? It wouldn’t boot from the cd. My startup disk window didn’t even REGISTER the cd. See, Symantec apparently realized that “higher” versions of OSX were unable to boot from the Utilites disk. I found out on their website after a week of wanting to pull my hair out, trying everything possible to try to get it to boot. I emailed their tech support to try to see if there was a patch available, but their support staff were a bunch of unhelpful, useless tits. I had to call their customer service line to try and get a refund. They charged me $30 for the call, and then I found out I couldn’t return it anyway because I couldn’t find my reciept. Now I’ve got 8.0 and it works fine…another $200 later. If I didn’t need it I sure as hell wouldn’t be getting ANYTHING from them.

Screw you, Symantec.

Thanks, people, I’ll give all this a try and see if that works.

Wait…but if I uncheck Auto-Protect, what happens? Should I put it back on?

I’m sorry, but this is so confusing, since I hadn’t used virus software in the past (I know, I know, long story)>

What happens is that Norton is no longer in memory, constantly monitoring for viruses.

Like I said in the note before, yes, you should re-enable it after running Ad-Aware, just to get around the problem of the questionable files. If you are connected to the internet, it is recommended to have the Auto-protect enabled.

Aw, I see. So when I disconnect, then stop Auto-Protect, run Ad-Aware and THEN put it back on.

Okay, makes sense!