Pitting people who stare at others on the bus (lame, as always)

So the other day I was riding the bus and this woman was talking on her cellphone with one of those hands-free earpiece thingies. From one side it could appear that she was talking to herself, even though she held the phone in her hand with a wire going to the other side of her head. But then this stupid couple gets on the bus, with the girl inevitably latched onto big strong guy’s leather jacketed arm, and they sit down. They start staring at the woman and whispering things back and forth to one another and laughing, etc. Then the guy turns to the girl and says matter-of-factly, “She doesn’t have a phone!!!” They giggle while continuing to stare, wide-eyed.

What the mother fuck? Why are people so stupid and rude? It frustrated me for a couple of reasons: first, that in a city like Chicago, many people do talk to themselves and do crazy things, yet rarely does someone feel the need to ridicule and belittle them; and second, that these stupid people didn’t even entertain the thought that the woman could be talking on her phone (which was in her hand).


Those people shouldn’t have loudly made fun of her like that, but FWIW, I think those earphone devices are creepy, too. I would never point and laugh, but I always get that one second “why is that businessman walking down the street talking to himself?” thought before my mind clicks over to the fact that he’s on the phone.