Pitting Teabaggers

Sad to say I did not write this but it reads like I did.

Congratulations. You seem to have hit every one of the stereotypes. May even have invented a few new ones.

The author did, anyway.

This is wholly cut and pasted from someone else’s original 2010 blog entry.

Very weak.

Not the “teabaggers” I was expecting. :mad:

Reported for violating the Board’s rules about copyright.

Wow, that is really, really long.

That’s what she said.

:confused: When was this written?

I’m sad to say I didn’t write The Hobbit, but it reads like I did.


Need I go on?

I enjoyed reading it.

Hobbit was OK, but the Lord of the Rings was much better.

OMG! That’s the second remarkable coincidence I’ve seen in this thread. I can’t wait to see what **Monkey with a Typewriter **posts.

Why do you support a Nazi policy?

“It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times.”

Yeah, isn’t this rant aged about two years? Where is the so called Tea Party doing and saying these things now? The Tea Party has been assimilated into the Republican main stream. Not even the ‘liberal’ media speak of it much anymore.

For a follow up question, 5f4super, are any of your posts going to have any redeeming value or original thought, in the future?

Because your 50 odd posts so far have nothing. And they are odd posts.

Um, you do realize there’s going to be another one, right?

Guys, go easy on 5f4super. He’s pretty busy taking care of his kids and doesn’t always have the time to post timely rants on this board.

I couldn’t get past this part without commenting.

What the fuck is this bullshit! I’ve been looking for powdered wigs for like two years now. Who the hell has all these powdered wigs and where can I get one?

Have you tried the Wigsphere?

Wow, 5f. Just wow.

Congratulations on winning the SDMB’s Most Incredibly Fucking Stupid Post Of the Decade award.

And at the same time, I gotta wonder what the author you plagarized from was shooting/sniffing/smoking/snorting/whatever to come up with so much bullshit in one post.