Pitting the candyasses and suitmongers who are destroying traditional playgrounds

This is unbridled insanity. It’s supposed to be a playground, but it has a list of things you can’t do which is longer than what you are allowed to do.

Reflecting on my elementary school playground time, a portion of it was spent playing a game we invented called “Rumbleball.” The rules were simple. If you had the ball, everyone else tried to kill you. We all survived, with no sixth graders interred on the field. Kids also learned about physics, science, and math. If walked too close to the swings often enough, you’d get kicked in the head. It hurt like hell and you bled. No one required a refresher on that. :wink:

I fear for the capabilities of future generations, the way this is headed.

So who’s really to blame here? The school or the lawsuit-happy asshole parents who try to get rich when their kid scrapes an elbow?

Come to think of it, I do kind of wish I had a nickel for everytime I banged myself up as a kid… :smiley:

The lawsuit-happy asshole parents.

You’re really pitting the wrong people here, danceswithcats.

We had Bullrush. It was only banned by the school {not that that stopped illicit games} because too many rugby players were getting hurt to field a full team on Saturdays. :smiley: Them were the days.

{For those unfamiliar with the rules of Bullrush, you start with one player in the middle of a field, and a couple of dozen at the end. The player in the middle calls out one of the mob, who has to try and make it to the other side: if he does, it’s “Bullrush!”, and the mob stampedes to the other side, with the hapless caller in the centre trying to stop anyone he can. If the original callee *doesn’t * make it, he joins the caller in the middle, and the next person is called to run across. So it goes, until you have a dozen people in the middle of a field trying to stop an equal dozen chargers by fair means or foul - the finale is when a lone survivor has to try and make it past twenty three others intent on mayhem. Injuries were frequent. No-one ever died. It’s probably illegal now.}

Well yeah…but…if a handful of asshole parents want to cash in and the reaction of the whole system (the courts, the schools) is to cave in and put the asshole parents ahead of the kids and basic sanity, then I say pit the courts and the schools as well.


As far as i could tell, the “candyasses and suitmongers” in the thread title was intended to include the “lawsuit-happy asshole parents.”

any info on the actual injuries- I mean other than the assumption that the injuries were minor?

Oh, you mean “Smear the Queer”? That’s what the kids on my block called it in the 80s. Now I don’t mind the game, I just don’t want my child calling it that.

Back in my day ::cringe::, we had the playground that was there since the 1950s. Everything was made of steel and the chains on the swing would pinch your hands. The slide would get hot and the merry-go-round could be a hazard, depending on what kids were on it. But we liked it! Now, I noticed that they’ve recently replaced the good, sturdy steel playground equipment with plastic.

I don’t think they have a “no running” policy yet and I certainly hope they don’t institute that anytime soon.

Pretty soon, our kids will have to go to school in hazmat suits and take a Silkwood shower after gym class![/hyperbole]

Unbelieveable. I got my share of bangs and cuts on the playground as a kid and I’m none the worse for wear. Kids are way more elastic and fast healing than these people seem to think.

The excuse about vagrants in the cement tubes is my favorite.

Cement Tube Vagrants - Band name!

We had that too. We weren’t as creative as you. We simply called it “Kill the Man With the Ball.”

That was the name!!

And you WANTED the ball.

We called it ‘Smear the Queer’ when I was a kid, too. All the kids stood around in a group, then one threw it in the air, and the others tried to catch it. Whoever caught it, everyone else tried to tackle. Great fun.

When I was a kid (this was only the 80s) one of the parks nearby had a roller slide. Basically, a ten foot slant made up of rollers. It was awesome, especially trying to run up it. Of course, this being a slide made up of lots of rollers, fingers were frequently caught and sometimes broken in them. When it happened, the parents nearby would sit you down, stick your finger in some ice or cold water (if you weren’t smart enought to do it yourself - which most kids over the age of five were) and wait for you to get bored and go back out there.

I wonder if its still there…probably not.

Heh, my dad insisted that it be called “Tackle the Turkey” instead, because he didn’t want me calling it that. Unfortunately, that just led to a variant game called “Smear the Queer who Tried to Change the Name of Smear the Queer”, no ball required and with me as the effigy for my dad.

We called it “Smear The Queer” too when I was playing this in the 70’s. It was years after I had played my last game before I knew the homosexual connotation of the word “queer”. Not that it would have made a difference of course, back then if somebody had suggested we call the game “Murder The Faggot” that would have been no problem.

When I went to Parochial School they forbade running at recess, I suspect for precisely these reasons. I hated it. The Public School kids got to run at their recess. And we had no playground equipment.

On the other hand, we did have public playgrounds. I’m surprised and annoyed at this decision. I can understand the barring of teeter-totters/seesaws, because there is a potential for injury there. But modern versions using large and heavy springs minimize the chance for anyone getting caught underneath, or suddenly being dropped to the ground with a jolt. Forbid swings! Insane! Our local playground just installed these things, and I’m one of the parents that propelled the change. The existing equipment was old and falling apart – that’s dangerous.

It’s all Bush’s fault.
Hey, I just thought I beat the libs to the punch.

Wait a second, if $561,000 is 5%, that means that since 1999 Broward County shcools $11,220,000 for all of their injury claims. WTH?!?!? Are they running a Gladiator school?

The wussification of America continues.

Why don’t the fucking judges ion those child injury cases throw out the damn case? Oh, a five year odl fell and hurt his arm? So? That’s what five year-olds do! I’m sure out of all the child injury cases, at best, only 10% deserved to go to trial. That’s not even saying 10% deserved money, just that they maybe didn’t need to be thrown out right away the instant a judge saw them. Remember, I said maybe they didn’t need to be tossed out immediatley.

Uber-safe playgrounds are dangerous. Put all that rubber matting down, with boring equipment, and kids now end up doing crazier shit than I ever did because they don’t get hurt.

There’s supposed to be a continuum of pain, and as a kid you learn not to get too high on that scale-- but remove the continuum, and kids go straight from ‘safe’ to ‘dead’ without any learning steps.

We played a similar game at my school but it was called “British Bulldog”.
When you were in the middle you didn’t call out anyone’s name, everyone just ran straight across and you tried to catch at least one person.
Fun game until I was running behind someone who got caught by his right arm. I went to dodge past him and he managed to pull his arm out of the catcher’s grip. Said arm came straight at my face and managed to land right on my teeth. Luckily :smack: it only broke 3 teeth in half and chipped another 2. I don’t think I ever played the game again… and my parents NEVER thought of suing the school.
It was an RAAF school in Malaysia and we had an RAAF dentist located next to the school grounds. 3 caps and 2 partial caps later, all was well. Of course when I got home that day, my mother had a fit :frowning: but unfortunately, didn’t ban me from going to school ever again :mad: