Pitting the English for complaining about the weather

I’ve just read a couple of threads which all contain a bunch of English people complaining about the weather (plus one particular dutchman moderator type individual)

For fucks sake, it seems to me like its either too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, too clear, too overcast or some other such bullshit.

Give it about 3 months and the same people will be complaining it is too wet, and then 3 months after that it is too cold.

Its life, get the fuck over it. Its not hot. The desert is hot. Arizona, Australia, Egypt and so on get hot. Its just warmer than usual.

And when it gets cold, it isn’t cold. Sweden is cold. Finland, Russia and Alaska are cold. Montreal in February is seriously very fucking cold (I know this because I was there and didn’t feel my ears again until about May). Anybody north of Montreal don’t bother responding. I believe you, winter in your town will also be exceptionally cold. England is just a bit cooler than usual.

So, in closing, shut the fuck up about it and just enjoy it. Have a BBQ, invite some friends over, have a beer. Go down to the river or coast. Sunbathe topless in your back garden after sending me an email with your address.

Thank you for listening.

Going back to the beach to enjoy my cold beer now :smiley:

Look, it’s simple. I live in a country which pretty much has it all, in a way. A rich (and violent!) past, a great art history, the capital is easily in the top 10 of most fantastic cities in the world, marijuana is legal, so are hookers, nobody needs to starve to death because we have a decent and working welfare system, everybody’s got health insurance (some state-provided), and our governments tend to be of the moderate, non-violent sort.

What ELSE can we bitch about but the weather, traffic jams, and taxes?

Heheheh - well, disclaimer - IAN English, - but I think I see what you are getting at, and I think you are probably aiming at Britain in general. But really, if god had meant Britain to have sunshine, she’d have made us all foreigners, you know!

Anyway - whingeing about weather is a tradition, dammit.

Here’s another one complaining - ungrateful wretch that he must be.


My own gripe is that I am scared to open the windows, lest the silly cat should make another bid for freedom, (or sticky, squashy gory encouter with gravity and ground, as it is also known. :frowning:

Bah ! Not fair!

Coldfire. Fair point. You are excused from the rant. The UK however can claim very few of those things so they are certainly not excused.

However, stick to traffic jams and taxes in future to avoid pissing me off. You have been warned :wink:

I’ve been hearing a lot of them whining about the weather lately. I just hope it goes back to rainy/crappy so they’ll all shut the fuck up.


Did you know Amsterdam gets more millimeters of rain on average than London?

I lost a bet on that, once. True story.

Actually, Montreal isn’t that cold. I guess for coddled Europeans (and Vancouverites), maybe, but it only really gets to be -20 in a normal winter. For real cold, try Winnipeg.

And it gets hot in the summer, too. Very hot. When I was in Spain, people kept going, “Oooh, you’re Canadian? You must be burning up!” I pointed out that it was actually hotter then in Montreal than in Madrid. (Actually, during the heat wave last month, it was hotter in Montreal than in Kinshasa, Congo.)

OK, I’ll fulfil your stereotype: my car doesn’t have air conditioning. Why not? Because you’d only need it for one day every three years. Today was that day, and I was sweltering in traffic for three bloody hours.

Well I suppose I’m actually whining about my car. But whaddayagonnado?

Incidentally, it got to 55C today in Spain (that’s 131°F for those who use primitive units). Fucking HELL!

Someone began an e-mail to me today with, ‘I don’t know about you, but my bollocks are knocking my knees in this weather . . . .’

It’s always nice to hear from Father.

jjimm, you poor tosser. I bought a new car, with climate control recently. Got it June 6th. Just in time for the most intense summer since 1947! Talk about timing. :slight_smile:

London_Calling, thanks for informing the world about your father’s bollocks, and their approximate whereabouts. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to cook dinner…

That bit was artistic license. Foools ! I surrounded by fools !

Why do you want to cook ? Stick the bloody thing out the window for ten minutes and it’s done.
I heartily recommend meat balls on a bed of old geezers greying pubes, and washed down with the sieved residue of his colostomy bag.

Pudding, anyone ?

London_Calling, if this weren’t in the Pit, I would have to Pit you, you foul fucker. I haven’t felt this disgusted since the last time I licked out the Queen Mother’s corpse.

I beg to differ, but with windchill it was about -40 or so in February. Not complaining, but that is seriously cold unless you are an eskimo

Surprisingly I did. I also know that periodically the canals freeze over and there is a big long distance race across them. How do I know this? I arrived in Amsterdam somewhere around January 2 in 1996 or 1997 which I am reliably informed was the coldest day in over 100 years in Amsterdam. I arrived from San Francisco wearing a T-shirt and a not very thick sweater. Shopping became priority number #1 pretty quickly. I also stood in the middle of one of the canals and had my photo taken to prove to people it wasn’t just a thin layer of ice on top.

I’m in Spain at the moment and its hot, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t that hot where I am. I am exceptionally fair skinned and I’m quite sure I’d be in a hospital by now if I’d been out in that heat.
Anyways, back to my beer on the beach.

To expand, the ice skating race isn’t in Amsterdam, it’s in the province of Friesland (I’m sure you knew, I’m just explaining for the rest of them). 200 km’s of skating through 11 Frysian cities. It is, and always will be, one of the toughest sporting events in the world. You were lucky to witness it, as it doesn’t happen often: 1997 was the most recent one, before that they happened in 1986 and 1985. The prior one was 1963, even. The winners are heroes, forever. Incidently, the guy who won the 1985 and 1986 editions lives in Alberta now, farming cows.

To the English lads: I just finished my pudding, thanks. Licking out the Queen Mum’s corpse? Good Lord, just when you think you’ve read it all. :eek:

Now there is a post that deserves an explaination.

I know the Dutch eat some wierd stuff, but still :confused:

The Dutch? The English! Read jjimm’s post a few scrolls up, me lad. :slight_smile:

131? :eek:

Thanks. I so wish I hadn’t read that though.

For the record, sirtonyh will be avoiding deserts of any description for the forseeable future and will stick to pasta, pizza and paella.

Cite please, because I’m calling bullshit (or more accurately, English weather-whinging that’s already being Pitted here :wink: ). This, if true, would be just a couple degrees shy of Death Valley’s record of 134F/56.7C and the world record of 136F/57.8C, set in the middle of the Sahara Desert. When the Associated Press says that:

I find it hard to believe there was someplace else that was TWENTY-FIVE degrees warmer that somehow escaped their notice. 45C I could believe…55C I can’t.

Whine whine whine. I was in Las Vegas in June and it was 43 C/115 F. Now, that was hot.