Pitting the latest trend to hit the SDMB: starting every Pit thread with "Pitting".

“America Bless God”

You know, since this is the Pit, and all, I just thought I’d say that.

It’s readily apparent that the concept of a parody eludes you. The thread title was only written that way to highlight how silly the whole “I Pit thee” trend really is.

However, if you want to accuse me of malfeasance, that’s entirely up to you.

I don’t create Pit threads, but I read a lot of them, and I like the “Pitting…” format. It’s succinct and and tells me exactly what I’m about to read. Compare

I pit my ex best pal
Pitting Brett Favre
In which I pit Oregon weather

to titles like

If you assume it’s a baby, don’t claim to be confused (which I thought was going to be about someone mistaking a pet for a human baby, but turned out to be another abortion thread)

“If there weren’t any seasons, you wouldn’t appreciate summer” (apparently pitting the triteness of the catchphrase, but which could have been about any number of things)

I just scratched the hell out of an SUV’s paint job about two hours ago (which turned out to be a very good rant pitting a jerk of a driver, but which was naturally assumed by some people to be another rant about SUV’s)

I much prefer the straigtforward “Pitting…” and its variants to titles that don’t accurately convey what is being pitted.

[QUOTE=Knowed Out]

I once dated a chick whose friends were all SCA posers. Their catchphrase was “Chompy chomp. Chompy chewy chomp.” Even if they weren’t eating.
QUOTE]That’s from South Park! … talk about an anachronism

So, Airman Doors, vitriol must be purified and distilled to perfection? The following words/phrases would have to be eliminated from thread titles:

“In which I pit”
“damn you”
“fuck you”
“my [fat/white/furry/whatever] ass”

Would you have preferred I simply title my thread What The Hell Is This Shit and leave it at that? (Sure, you could read part of the OP using the hint box but that’s beside the point.)

Not everybody assumes that the title of a thread is what is being pitted. There is a certain psychology inherent in the phrasing of “I pit my ex best pal” instead of “My ex best pal” because the former gives a clearer picture of what to expect. Besides, take the example of “Pitting the twits from Sat. night, and a question for former shoplifters” which is a perfectly clear title but would be misleading were it not for the word “pitting”.

really? o.O you’re equating posts that are generally not aimed at getting anyone riled up, to “assholishness”?

i pit the ‘assholey’ stuck-ups who feel they need to ‘suffer’ the quirks of the community.

It’s readily apparent that you were talking to yourself there.

It’s also readily apparent that you don’t know what ‘malfeasance’ is, but that still won’t cause me to start accusing you of any crimes.

Nice try on the parody, by the way.

Really? Are you sure?


Malfeasance:a wrongful act that the actor had no right to do

Looks like I DID know what it means.

Since you obviously don’t, here is a list of synonyms to help you out. I’m sure you can find one appropriate to the occasion.

It might not be the usage of the word that you would have chosen, but it is nonetheless acceptable usage. “Crime” per se has nothing to do with it.

So that’s twice you’ve tried and failed to prove me wrong, semantics boy. Want to go for three?

Thanks, non-semantics boy, but I already have a dictionary and a thesaurus (real, library-edition, book-type ones!), and ‘semantics’ doesn’t mean copying only the part of a definition that suits you. From your link:

(bolding mine)

Just to review, from your thesaurus link,

Well, perhaps you did know what ‘malfeasance’ means, but unless you were posting here as a corrupt public official, it doesn’t apply, so it still looks like you don’t know what it means, or at least don’t understand its usage. I certainly never accused you of anything even resembling malfeasance, or any other possible ‘wrongful action’.
My term was ‘malarkey’, and it was in jest. I never said you didn’t have a right to do it.

Just in case you didn’t understand, when I said that “the verbing of a noun” was “that Evil of Evils”, I wasn’t accusing you. I was speaking generally of all noun verbers.