Pixies on Austin City Limits --RIGHT NOW 9pm 1/29

If you like 'em, you’d hate to miss this, I’m sure. PBS.

Thank you for your time.

I’m torn.

I wanted to go play darts tonight. Whip up on some slack-jawed yocals and take their cigarette money. But then I saw The Pixies are going to be on.

Now, I’ve decided long ago that they didn’t “stand the test of time” for me. I can hardly listen to them anymore. But something tells me I must watch. And miss darts. Of course, they will re-run Sunday. What to do, what to do… Being out west, I have an hour to consider the options.

By the way, that clown on the “One Man’s Journy” program just before ACL is one seriously creepy dude. :eek:

bless you, you are my hero

i totally would have missed it, but now i got a vhs cued up

Much thanks! I’m on it!

I’ll have to wait until 12:30 a.m., which usually would be a perfect time, because the only other thing on TV is the ass end of “Saturday Night Live,” but they’re replaying the episode with the Scissor Sisters, and I kind of wanted to see their fun, yet sacrilegious, cover of “Comfortably Numb” again.

I read about this earlier this week on www.frankblack.net; the DVR recorded it last night, and I’ll probably watch it this evening. Hooray!

jackelope, I missed it! Please don’t delete it until I can bring some vino over to your crib and watch it.

Finally, I have an excuse to buy a cape!

take that cape off, they didn’t play it in my area

though this is entirely not your fault, I have to lash out somehow

I taped it. I can’t mail it to you, however, because you seem to have no location.

Great show. I was generally pretty happy with the song selection, with the exception of “In Heaven,” which I think is a waste of time. I went into it hoping that they wouldn’t spend too much time on tracks from their later albums, and that’s pretty much what happened; there was virtually no post-Doolittle material. If I could have controlled the set list, I probably would have thrown in “Ed Is Dead” and “The Holiday Song,” but you can’t always have everything.

I liked the way Joey livened up “Vamos.” It was kind of showy, true, but the song is so insubstantial to begin with that I welcome any attempts to dress it up.

Did anyone else find their performance of “Here Comes Your Man” to be a little lacking in the wattage department? It didn’t give me the same charge that it usually does.

I went and played darts. Took second after a barn-burner final match. I’ll catch the Pixies tonight while cooking dead animal over open fire. And drinking beer.

Was that the super-cool guitar solo where he made great music without actually touching the guitar? It looked like it was inspired by Spinal Tap, but executed with great success.

The only song by them that I know I know is “Where is My Mind,” so I was suprised how familiar a lot of the songs were. They’re one of those groups that I never really got into on vinyl, but if they came to town I’d definately get tickets.

My first thought, when I saw what Joey was doing, was Jimmy Page playing his guitar with a violin bow.