Pizza Hut Blak List

Does Pizza Hut have a black list of troublesome customers to whom they will not deliver? Where I live, there is a “39 minutes or free” offer. My brother twice got his pizzas free because they were delayed. Now, when he gives them his phone number, they tell him they don’t deliver to that area - what’s the deal?

I remember some friends I had that lived on the other side of the railroad tracks from the pizzeria and long trains came through. Knowing the schedule, they would order their pizza so that the driver would be unable to get through. I am not sure but I think they were also excluded after a while.
It only makes sense that the business tries to maintain a profit and not feed certain districts for free. The thirty minute period is only to guarantee good service in a certain area. If you buy a piece of furniture, they also have a limited delivery range and do not usually deliver beyond so many miles or to another city, for example.
But worse was a man my ex-wife knew who was screwed two weeks pay by a large department store. He took them to court and won. But after that whenever he gave his social security number to an employer, his application was automatically rejected. So there is a black list somewhere but I don’t know if the address will pop up here since such things are illegal.

Like the Sienfeld episode where Elaine and Kramer get put on the doctors’ blacklist… sounds scary :slight_smile:

But still, they could deliver without the offer - my office is out of their “39 minutes” area, but they still deliver, only without the time guarantee.

At least in the US, many pizza delivery chains have policies that a given part of their delivery area can be “blacklisted” - if that section has a high incidence of crime (especially if there have been driver incidents in the past - where drivers get robbed or even killed). Sometimes that might be a “night-time only” ban (I lived in such an area - everyone would deliver to me if it was daylight, but as soon as sunset occurred it was carry-out only), sometimes it can be a complete ban, it depends on the circumstances and the section of town in question.


Sure, stores have blacklists.

Video stores: Keep the new movies out of certain customers hands, because said customers were always late with returns.

Pizza stores: many use PCs to keep customer lists and order habits. Since some areas are hard to get to (which the pizza store learns the hard way), they eventually flag your account.

I served on the deacon board of an inner city church for years. We would often call out for pizza during our meetings. There was one shop that would not deliver to our neighborhood at all and another that wouldn’t do so after 9:00pm, both national chains. Its their business they can run it as they see fit, we just found someone else, a small mom and pop shop, better food and we were supporting local a business.

I hope that it’s strictly based on location, and not on the customer. If Joe at 25 Elm Street Apt #3 can’t get a delivery but Jack at 25 Elm Street Apt #5 can, that might be a problem.

It’s fairly common for businesses to keep a “trouble” list of some kind. Department stores keep an eye on particular customers relative to shoplifting or returned merchandise for example.

I had a distant relative who was banned from the more exclusive dress shops in a large city. She had made a practice of purchasing
items, wearing them once and examining them as to how they were made. Then would return the item and make it herself.

How does this work? I mean the new movies are right out there on the shelves. Does the customer bring the movie to the counter and wait in line, only to have the cashier refuse his rental?

You may or may not know, but every order is typed into a computer. There is a space for notes in the customer file that can contain anything from no checks allowed to do not take order if drunk.

Years ago, we used to deliver to a Motel 6, they had a note permanently in their to never deliever to room due to some drivers being robbed, that no rule no longer exists. That used to piss off customers more than anything there. They used to have to come to the motel office to get their pizza.

We also had incidents where the driver would be invited inside the house while the customer wrote out the check. The driver would come back out and the other pizzas would be gone. We would no longer deliver to that house and a note would be added to their account.

Another good example: One night I delivered to an apartment. The teens who ordered the pizza were waiting outside with their porch light off. They handed me 2 twentys, I looked at them and too me in the dark they looked normal. I got back to the store and they were as fake as ever. Again a note was added to their account warning not to deliver there.

Being in Denver, last summer we were testing out the “Deliverey Gurantee” thing where if we were there past the promise time, they would get a coupon good for any pizza FREE on their next order. Well too many people would bitch and say their order was late when it was still 5 minutes early. No matter what we had to give them the coupon when they bitched. Needless to say this delivery test was short lived. It was going to go nationwide if it worked out.

That’s fine, but quarrossimo’s brother wasn’t being troublesome by any stretch of the imagination. I could understand if he had spat on the deliver guy or had pit bulls in his front yard. But it sounds to me like Pizza Hut just doesn’t like his looks.

If quarrossimo’s brother got his pizza free twice, possibly many other people in his area were also getting free pizza. If Pizza Hut was finding it impossible to meet their delivery guarantee in that area, they may have stopped delivering to that area all together. It would make sense to say ‘Well, we can deliver to you, but no guarantee’, but I can imagine that would end up being a customer service nightmare, it might be easier/cheaper to simply stop delivering to a given area.

Another possibility that has occurred to me is that the Pizza Hut that was previously delivering to that area has closed/moved. I can still order from Pizza Pizza, but it now comes from a different store, because the one that was two blocks from my house closed. Presumably there could be situations in which a closure could leave an area with no delivery service at all.

When my boyfriend worked at a video store they had an unbelieveable number of customers who had holds on their accounts due to unpaid late fees (and I don’t mean a $4 late fee, some of these people owed $100 or more for “lost” and/or late rentals. If the customer didn’t pay them (or at least a portion of them) then they were refused the rental by the cashier. They didn’t care if you routinely returned movies late, as long as you were current with your late fees. Other people had notes on their accounts about what forms of payment to take, who else was authorized to use their account, whether or not the customer always claimed that late returns were on time, etc.

The most extreme example was the day he scanned someone’s card and a huge “Do not rent, call police immediately” warning came up. Tried to stall the customer by claiming to need a manager’s override but she bolted. Turned out to be a case of identity theft.

Being a jerk to people in retail can definitely come back to haunt you though. Believe me, when you have a note on your account that says you’re a jerk, you get no wiggle room from the employees. Get that movie that was due at noon in 5 minutes late? Too bad.

All perfectly understandable, which is why I said up in my first post:

I’ll never utilize Pizza Hut again because of something that happened a few years ago. I had just moved into a new house and got a new phone number. After having been in the house for a month or so, I got the hankering for pizza. I called Pizza Hut and they asked for my phone number, they entered it into their computer and said are you at 134 Riverside Drive? I said, no, I’m at 423 Northview Place. The Pizza Hut person said, well, we show you at 134 Riverside Drive and we can’t deliver to any address that does not match up in our computer?

I asked them if they realized that people move and phone numbers get changed. I asked to speak with a manager and he said that it was indeed their policy to not deliver pizzas to an address that does not match up with the phone number they have listed. Stupid policy.

I discovered a local pizza place that night and have been ordering from there ever since. So, I guess Pizza Hut really did me a favor.

rostfrei , have you tried calling this Pizza Hut back? Maybe the Caller ID/phone book database had not been updated when you called. They are surely not trying to avoid doing business with you personally, they are just adhering to a policy that prevents loss/theft. Try calling them again and see what phone number/address they show for you. If it’s STILL messed up, then tell them that their system is outdated and is costing them business.

Of course, this all assumes that you actually WANT Pizza Hut pizza! :wink:

The guy you talked to was simply clueless and was simply LAZY. All he had to do was enter the new address. The pizza would have been delivered. Most drivers have cell phones so if there was a problem they could have called you.

I would give them a try once more. At the Pizza Hut I work at, drivers are often trained on the phones when it is needed and ALOT of the time they are not even filled in on the specials let alone how to edit an address or apartment number. I can’t tell you how many times I came back to work after my days off, and not found out about a special being offered till my second day back.

I’ll join the chorus and tell of a neighborhood where I once lived where nobody would deliver food after dark.

More likely, though, it’s nothing personal against your brother. I’m guessing LOTS of his neighbors also got free pizza.

Thanks for all the stories - never thought this would get such a response :slight_smile:

It does seem like it’s a personal thing though - his neighbours do get pizzas delivered from Pizza Hut and no, the Pizza Hut that used to deliver to him hasn’t closed down.

Anyway, it’s just their loss - he’s a great pizza eater and now all his orders go to a Dominos and a local pizza outfit.

They’d be doing you a favor by not delivering to you. Jeez, they call that crap pizza?