Placement of convex mirrors on a car

There are supplementary mirrors, with adhesive backing, available to put on the side mirrors of a car, to improve the view.

I have heard several different and contradictory opinions:
[li]Put the convex mirror on the lower inside corner of the side mirror.[/li][li]Put the convex mirror on the lower outside corner of the side mirror.[/li][li]I have also heard a version advising to put the mirrors in the trunk of one’s car, stay home, & have a beer, but we shall ignore that one.[/li][/ol]

Since Versions #1 and #2 seem to have an equal number of adherents, I’m guessing that their advice isn’t well-informed.

So, Dopers: where does one place the mirrors?

Put it on such that it solves a blind spot problem, but allows you to use the less-convex or non-convex mirror you already have to effectively see down the road and curbs and such.

So you know, on my Ram truck, the standard passenger side mirror in standard non-towing position has the convex part farthest from the driver and a standard non-convex mirror closest. When towing, the mirrors flip such that the convex part is on top, and the non-convex part is on the bottom. This is okay, because it widens the view of both… but if you are just slapping a round one onto a current setup, the…

It rarely makes sense to put the convex part closest to the driver… as a greater % of it will just reflect the side of the car/vehicle/whatever.

I live by my mirrors to tow a variety of boats, etc… so, convex should be farthest from you in most applications… or you’ll just reflect big chunks of your car door…


My brand-new 2012 Ford Mustang came with small convex mirrors pre-installed on the side mirrors. They’re in the outside lower corners, for what that’s worth.

I just had to replace mine. Used one for years. It is a “wedge” type rather than the circular form. So placement on the mirror has no real affect on what is visible in the wedge mirror. I put in in the lower inside since that part usually shows a bit of car side and some pavement. Further out it would block more of the interesting stuff to the left rear.

It depends on the car. Place the mirror where it will eliminate the blind spot for you. Every car and every driver are different.

Somehow I read this as “Placement of convex mirrors on a cat”.

Seems like a good idea to me. :smiley: