Places to find info about film or television auditions

This past weekend, a few friends and I auditioned for parts in an upcoming feature film. There were a lot of people at the audition, and one of my friends got a callback for a lead role. I found out about the auditions basically by chance, in that I saw something noted at the bottom of an e-mail from a friend of mine.

My question is, does anyone know of a site or anywhere on the net that has auditions for these kinds of things – movies or tv shows, from lead roles to extras – posted, perhaps by area? It would be interesting to know when things like this come to my area.

When I was in The Show Business—oh, back when Tony Pastor was still on 14th Street—we read the weeklies Backstage and Show Business, and the monthly Ross Reports for auditions announcements (TV, film and theater). Look and see if any of them still publish.

Then the talkies came in, vaudeville died, and I lost interest . . .

Joining the union helps - lots of websites with boards for open auditions :slight_smile:

Ha! Like those goddam f***ing unions Equity or SAG let anyone in.

You can try this site. Setting up a profile is a bit involved, but it may prove helpful to you. Also, I read the classifieds in the free local rag, the Weekly Planet. Once in a while there are ads for upcoming auditions listed in there. I’m not sure if Richmond VA has a similar type of newspaper, but if so, you might want to check in there.

Good luck! has good stuff. The listings are mostly internships but there’s jobs posted there, too.

Actually back when my daughter was acting, AFTRA did let anyone in. To get into SAG you needed to have worked once, on a waiver. It’s expensive, though, and not worth it unless you have to do it. Why lay out big bucks when you don’t have to.

We intermittently got newspapers with auditions (this was in New York) but her manager did the work. If there is a film and TV office in Richmond, they might have a lost of productions filming there.

Mainly where I find most of my auditions and/or jobs.

Or try here…

Good luck!

I got a few gigs through Drama-Logue, a weekly paper available at 7-11s and such, that has cast and crew, union and non-union, openings and auditions.