Places to get large books/reports printed

I have a genealogical book that I’d like to get printed at the end of this year. So I have a couple of questions about getting the book printed.

The first question I have is where can I get a once off printed? I need to print out about 2000+ pages so I can go through and edit it and see how it looks. I asked at Staples and they wanted $300 to print one copy out, and that’s just the paper, no binding. I’ve tried looking around on the web, but it seems the cheaper places want 10 or so copies made when I only need 1 for now.

Next, does anyone know of a good genealogical publishing company? I’ve looked around a bit, but the one that wrote me back said that they would only make books in paperback with a max of 440 pages and I would have to buy at least 25 copies, so to have the whole thing printed I would have to pay $4000+, not something I can afford. I’ve had local histories that are around 1800 pages printed for $100 and in hardback.

And third I’m pretty sure Opal isn’t family.

For now I’d really like to get an answer to the first question without printing it out at work, which might not make me a favorite with the boss.

If you’re still editing, you shouldn’t be thinking too hard about printing unless it’s a draft or “bound galleys.”

Consider splitting this into volumes - you’re looking at over 1,000 sheets of paper, which will probably come out to be at least 4" thick.

And how were you planning to bind this? Hardback, paper, spiral/comb, etc.?