Places with Free Wireless Internet?

Just got a laptop and don’t want to have to use it at the public library. So where can I use it to connect to the Internet for free (without those nasty tip and ring alligator clips dangling at the end of my modem cable.)

Some I know of:

Airport, or the Hilton Hotel decided to quit charging $200 a day.


McDonald’s, but only some are free while others require payment.

Panera Bread.

Panera is the only large chain that I’ve found to have truly free WiFi. Crepeville, if there is one in your area.

Starbucks uses T-mobile, which is a pay-per-use service.

There are adapters you can buy for your laptop that let you use a cellular phone signal, but those often require special service packages with the cell phone company. Otherwise, SOL.

I am not believing I didn’t search before I posted this question. :smack:

First hit.

Dunkin Donuts.

Caribou Coffee.

Many mom & pops are leaving their WAPs wide open nowadays.

Public libraries are offering more free wifi (in Montana.)

I’m spoiled - five blocks of our downtown are a local open network, as it much of the state capital campus.

The Hooter’s restaurant chain, at least in my part of Texas, has free WiFi at all of their fine eating establishments.

But often without SMTP capability.

Speedway gas stations? While I think that’s a great idea if you’re traveling and need to mapquest, I would have never considered taking my laptop into a gas station! Ignorance fought once again.

The Schlotzsky’s near me offers free wifi - with the purchase of something, anything. I’d just get a $1 water bottle, or a $1.40 drink.

I’ve looked at other stores in the chain, though, and none of the others I’ve seen offer Internet at all.

I believe all Super 8 motels have wi-fi that can be accessed from their parking lot. I’ve had decent luck with Howard Johnson, Best Western and the Choice Hotel chains - Comfort/Quality Inns.

There’s two Kinkos in town here that have it.

Roadside rest areas in Iowa have free wifi.

(my first post from my iPod touch!

You can always look in the window for a sign. People with laptops inside is a dead giveaway, too.

Coffee shops are good places to get online. I was in Missoula the past two weeks and I got online in a very nice little mom-and-pop coffee shop that even allowed me to plug in my laptop’s power supply. It was City Brew Coffee, as reported on this website. You can probably use that website to good advantage to find hotspots in other cities.

Of wifi, perhaps, but not necessarily free wifi. :slight_smile:

OK, I should have specified “Ragged slackers with laptops”.

If you hear the name “Ron Paul”, the wifi is free. :wink: