are there any sites you can enter passages from works into and see if they’re plagerized? thanks::smiley:

I’ve used Google with some success for that. Put the passage you want to search on inside quote marks.

Yes, there are. One of the best known is

You can download a 15-day trial version of EVE2.

I had started a thread on this not long ago. If you search under “plagiarist,” I’m sure you’ll find it. I used google with success this past time, but I’m going to try EVE next school year.

I’ve also used, but only the free trial. If I’m going to pay for something, it’ll be the EVE, a one-time fee (I think), rather than a “membership,” like turnitin has (again, I think this is the case, though I’m not sure).

Folks, did you stop to think that a thread posted by someone who can’t even spell plagiarism might not be looking to catch plagiarists?

I’d like to be assured that we’re not aiding and abetting.

That occured to me. However, Turnitin requires a school-issued registration number.

Also, someone who is unable to spell “plagiarism” correctly, IMO, is more likely to be deterred by the knowledge they are likely to be caught than to be able to figure out a way to beat the system.