Plagiarism in the news media

No matter what website or paper you get your news from, you are going to find articles that are verbatim copies of things that were in CNN. I used to work as a reporter for a radio show, and our number one rule was to never plagarize. What is happening to journalism? Respected newspapers need to do more than CTRL-C ,CTRL-V to get stories. At least add your own pictures, or commentary, or something. If I wanted to see how CNN wrote something, I would go to their website.

Often the newspapers subscribe to the CNN feed, so they have permission to use their stories vebatim.

This isn’t new. It dates back to the AP and UPI. I remember papers back in the 60s that did the same.

Yes, content off the “wire feed” and its latter day equivalents can be used straight up w/o it being plagiarism. In broadcast it IS however considered lazy and cheap to just do “rip and read”, and you are expected to give it at least a once-over if only to detect and avoid possible Ron Burgundy moments.

I’m not sure how you could have worked for a radio station without understanding how news feeds work - and that they don’t constitute plagiarism.

My station didn’t use any news feeds.

So, you reported local news using your own reporters only?

So no national or international news then? Or did your station maintain your own foreign and national bureaus?

Yes. It was a community-run station.

Well, for your information stations that actually report news that isn’t limited to snippets of local press releases use news feeds, and it is totally acceptable for them to do so.

“And in local news, Frank Jackson of Thornapple road reportedly drew 22 gallons from his well this morning.”

I guess that explains why you don’t understand the news business.

I heard this, verbatim, on CNN.