Plagiarism part II

"The Boston Globe suspended editorial page columnist Jeff Jacoby for four months without pay yesterday after concluding that his July 3 column on the fate of the signers of the Declaration of Independence constituted ‘‘serious journalistic misconduct.’’

I (among others it seems) had written the Globe after he did this. I had also written Jacoby, who replied back to me denying that he plagiarized, and saying that he had been pre-judged. The Globe still is not calling this “plagiarism”…because Jacoby had emailed a version of the story to friends saying that he was trying to “correct the record”…(which IMHO, he never did, since he repeated the same false items about the signers)

Locally, the guy , Robert Copeland Smith, who plagiarized in the Quad City Times “apologized” in todays paper for "not seeing the need to credit others for what he calls the reporting of ‘historical facts’ " (bulls*** …3-4 paragraphs were exact word-for-word duplicates of the email legend)

I had written the QC Times after he originally did this, pointing out the obvious plagiarism. The editorial page editor wrote back with an apology and notice of what would happen (the guest writer would never be published again in the Times)

I had forwarded this info to the Boston Globe, perhaps it might have played a small role in what happened to Jacoby…

Your tenacity in correcting this outrage is to be applauded. As a member of the journalism field, I feel these “irregularities” need to be brought to light so as not to taint the entire profession.

Thank you.