Plague - Anyone try this neat little game?

My step-brother introduced me to this game during family vacation. You are a bacterium, virus, fungus, or some other type of pathogen trying to infect and destroy humanity. You rewrite your own DNA to create new symptoms, communicability, resistance to drugs/cold/heat/etc. and methods of transmission. If you become enough of a problem the world will start researching a cure and you’ll need to infect everyone faster than they can cure you.

It’s really a fun little game that will twinge your conscience after you win it the first time. It’s highly replayable and the type of pathogen you select determines the difficulty level. The downside is that’s it’s only available on iOS (iPhone/iPad). For 99 cents, though, it’s totally worth it. Available at the App Store.

Do you know if it’s based on a larger platform (PC?)? It sounds like a great game that I could spend some time on (sometimes humanity just needs to catch a disease and die).

Here’s a game like it for Android.

Okay, flash-based game called Pandemic has been found. I’ve already told my secretary to cancel my appointments for the day, I’m busy infecting the world.

I just finished Plague Inc. this morning (all on brutal). Fun little game. Very well thought out and I don’t know how they got the timing/cure/point system done so well, but it must have been a huge undertaking. It generally took 3-7 tries to pass each level on Brutal. Only 1-3 tries on Normal.

I like how the little differences between the diseases keep you on your toes and adjusting your strategy. By the way, I have never hated Greenland, Iceland, and New Zealand (Canada and Finland are borderline) so much!

If you read some of the strategy websites, it seems many different strategies work for the different diseases, it is all about not wasting DNA points.

Necrosis is the big super power against the Cure. I enable Necrosis with about 85-90% cure and and with all countries >25% infected and that generally slows the cure enough that I can then turn on Organ failure with the new DNA points once 100% infection occurs.

Is this the game that caused me to develop a permanent hatred for Madagascar? ‘Cuz if it is, I ain’t touchin’ that thing again. I spent hours on that silly little flash game.

Stupid closed ports!

I took solace in the fact that Madagascar probably won’t last much longer anyway with 99% of the entire population dead.

Nope. That was Pandemic 2

I’ve been playing on normal to unlock the next levels. Bacteria wasn’t hard per se, but it was the first level I tried, so it took me awhile to figure out a strategy. But once I figure it out it was pretty easy, and fungus and parasite didn’t seem to alter the basic strategy much.

I found that keeping the disease unnoticed until it infects 100% of the population pretty much guarantees a win. OTOH, I found that it’s hard to win at 99% infection because then you’d need to ramp up infection methods so much that you have no DNA for anything else. Since you get points for devolving, there’s no downside to erasing any symptoms that appear.

I start out in Mexico or South Africa to maximize ports and poor land spread. First I max out air and water infection. I don’t bother with all the other infection methods. If there’s trouble in a rich country I add some resistance to medicine, and if the North is an issue I add cold resistance. Then I wait and save up DNA. After 100% infection I select maybe 3 anti-cure abilities, and then max out on symptoms, usually necrosis, but also select insomnia to get the walking dead anti-cure factor. Then I add more anti-cure as I get points for dead people.

This seems to work for everything I’ve tried so far except virus. Fungus I just had to throw it a spore release every once in a awhile and extra cold resistance. Parasite I maxed out the hiding ability. But otherwise the strategy didn’t feel different.

Virus is a bitch because it costs so much DNA to devolve. But the strategy still works if I don’t get too many random mutations, and if right before I get ready to pile on the symptoms I add maximum mutations to help it give me extra random symptoms. It helps to spend any DNA I have as soon as a new symptom appears as you’re allowed to go into debt to devolve.

Even though I’ve worked out a strategy, I’m still getting a sense for how the DNA points appear. It seems like there’s an initial rush, then a slow down, then it amps up as infections spread exponentially, then basically stops near 100% infection rate. Then nothing (except bubbles) until people start dying.

I like that since it knows it’s a memory hog, it warns you about saving and quitting rather than just crashing out randomly like other apps. I don’t like that the controls at the top and the occasional pop up block bubbles. And every once in awhile it will fail for there still being someone healthy left even though they are at zero, or fail to unlock the next level even though there was a win. Also, occasionally if I zoom, it will stop letting me unzoom or select any other countries.

Sounds like the same game, though.

Not that a free flash game would ever be cloned in an attempt to make money, mind you.