Plan Bee on Diane Rheem

Anyone listening to the NPR Diane Rheem Show right now. She has a couple of experts on the problem we are having with Bees on and she is taking calls. She is taking calls from the most remarkable number of strange people.

We had the Weather Modification Contrails guy.
We had the ‘Let the drones mate at 6,000 feet with the queen the natural way lady.’
Several anti-artificial insemination people.
Lots of people opposed to moving bees from place to place.

(Opps! The show just ended. Never mind.)

Thanks for the heads up.



Im gonna try to grab the webcast. for some reason this is my personal topic of the week.

Just an anecdotal observation, I went out and watched one of my apple trees last night and saw about 50 honeybees zipping from blossom to blossom, so their grand mysterious disappearance does not appear to be universally true.

But have you seen any contrails? Do you ever see honeybees with contrails?

Only after eating those funny mushrooms I found in the yard!

What about cell phones, were the bees talking on cell phones?, it gets them so distracted that they forget to pollinate, they just sit in the hive, texting other bees, their six legs furiously working the tiny keypads…

that’s not the worst part, the worst part is having distracted bees fly into you while they’re yakking on their cell phones, HANG UP AND FLY, DAMMIT!!