Plane crash in Austin, TX

So, is it too premature to assume that the “Suicide plane crasher” is probably a tea-bagger? From reading what has been out about his rants he sure does sound like he belongs to a fringe group of the right.

It sounds like he was unsuccessful in his career (and probably very frustrated) and that he channeled this negative energy towards a membership in the anti-government, crazy, Glenn Beck far right. Is this as obvious to anyone else??

I really hope his crazy paranoia is investigated and the insanity of the far right is put to shame.
[URL=“Texas plane crash pilot: 'I have just had enough' -”/URL]

He rants against Bush, corporate America, the IRS, and the Catholic Church. And has apparently had problems with the IRS for 20+ years. Apparently, he’s a different brand of anti-government crazy than the tea baggers. Although give them time; they also strike me as candidates for terrorist attacks on government buildings; Timothy McVeigh style.

Who is Joe Stack?

Smoking gun has Plane Crash Suspect’s Online Diatribe

This just in: Did newly elected Republican Senator Scott Brown just blame America for an act of terrorism?

Sounds more like empathy than blame.

To be fair, it sounds like this guy was pissed at the entire world, not just the IRS or government general. In that letter he rails on about corporate America and the Catholic church and all the tax breaks they get - not exactly the favored targets of teabaggers.

The little airport the terrorist took off from was a few miles from my house. I live in what MUST have been the basis for Arlen, TX, so I’ve been teasing my friends worried so much when I went to Cairo last year.

Looks like the nutjob didn’t take anyone with him. Thank the lord.

There are Facebook fan clubs about this guy. Some have been removed by Facebook, but others are popping up. “Joe Stark is a hero!” etc.

Fly a plane into a building because you’re pissed at the American government’s domestic policies, and you’re a hero with fan clubs.

Fly a plane into a building because you’re pissed at the American government’s foreign policies, and we bomb your country. Well, not yours. One near yours. That has citizens who look like you. Kinda.

Sounds more like plausible deniability than either.

If, like the Right says, that the guy at Ft Hood talked to/listened to/was inspired by some Muslim crazies…what if this guy was mainlining Beck, Rush, Hannity, et al. Will they admit this is terrorism just like Ft Hood was terrorism? Or somehow, will they find a way to wash their hands of the entire incident. I’m stunned that something like this hasn’t happened earlier.

I’m sure they’ll tsk tsk the guy’s actions, call him a coward and say that they in no way condone what he did.
Then they’ll talk about how the big, nasty government drove him to this.

Done and done; see post #4.

His anti-capitalism and his discontent with private for-profit healthcare would indeed be a fringe view on the right, I think. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, and it’s distasteful, too. It sounds like Stack would have agreed with them on some issues but for the most part he was acting in response to his own problems and a different take on things.

I’ll give this a shot at turning into a debate, but at the moment I don’t see one.

Agreed. Talk about jumping the gun AND painting with a broad brush. Did you read the 7 page note he wrote? That was a guy coming apart at the seams, with his anger at the IRS specifically, and the government in general.

I don’t know the facts about his IRS troubles, but it sounds like the guy was put through the wringer and didn’t come out well on the other side. Sad, really.

The guy dissed capitalism, GW Bush, and our healthcare system. I suspect that Rush et al. are going to make a huge deal out of Stack. They will indeed call it terrorism, but they’ll invoke Bill Ayers, not Timothy McVeigh.

Since he includes a line which seems to favour Communism in his manifesto, it seems highly unlikely.

In fact, his manifesto is more left-wing than right-wing.

Better chance it was Der Thrihs than any Republican.

I think you will have to hold onto your tar for a while yet.

I don’t think left or right can claim the rant for themselves (I say “rant”, it’s actually pretty eloquent).

He was raised at the famous Hersey School. Sad to think a guy that had such a wonderful helping hand snapped.

I thought with his railing against corporations and such he was much more left than right. One thing that struck me throughout his diatribe, however, was the overall sense that everyone was out to get him. It seemed that nothing was his fault and it was all the big, nasty corrupt government’s fault.