Plane hits skyscraper in Milan

It hit the city’s tallest building, but there is no news as to whether it’s an accident yet or not. The picture caption says there was an SOS sent before it hit.

The building was hit by a Piper (model unknown). Apparently it was an accident and the plane was trailing smoke before it hit the building. Two people reported dead and a number of injuries. The fire has been put out. This is the latest I have heard but may change as additional facts come to light.

The plane had radioed saying it had engine trouble before it struck the Pirelli building. It was 6:00 local time so most of the workers had already gone home.

More unfortunate Sept. 11th skills – I’ve found that Yahoo News has the best compilation of the reports:


Italy has been in the forefront of terrorist activity. Remember the busted sewer attack? That was the embassy in Rome. They’ve been having problems with car bombs of late as well, check Google.

Milan is 270 miles from Rome. Whether the Piper left from Switzerland or Bulgaria, that amounts to a ton of fuel left.

The Pierelli building is skinny, very hard to hit, unless you try. The hole punched through both sides is a direct hit.

It hit during Italy’s rush hour, 5:50 pm. Train station is nearby.

The weather was clear.

The different piper models can carry quite a bit more weight and impact then the kid down in Florida. They are individual’s planes, and not subject to boarding oversight.

Technical problem on plane as of yet undescribed.

Here’s the other thread discussing the incident, for the curious.