Planet X : time to credit the Sumerians

Yes we know that 2 astronomers have predicted the existence of a large planet called the Planet x or planet 9. But the ancient Sumerians predicted this a long time ago. How come no newspaper has mentioned their achievements?

Maybe this is why.

The Myth of a Sumerian 12th Planet

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NM - Exapno got there first!

The Sumerians never really believed in a “Planet X” in the way today’s woo people try to make out. This is all based on gross and irresponsible “translations” from a woo-peddler named Zachariah Sitchin to sell woo books. There are only a handful of actual instances of the mistranslated word “Nibiru” in cuneiform texts being used in a celestial sense, and they largely refer to Jupiter. They certainly didn’t predict a ninth planet in any kind of scientific sense.