Planets Will Align May 5, 2000

Only Once In A Lifetime: Planets Will Align May 5, 2000

NASA has announced that for
the first time since 1962 the
moon, earth, Mercury, Jupiter,
Saturn and the Sun will align

          And if you don't catch a glimpse
          through your telescope, it will
          not happen again in your

          NASA officials say it will not happen again until 2675.

That seems sort of pessimistic. In 2675, I’ll only be 702 years old. I think I’ll wait til then.

And if you don’t dance naked in the fairy ring in the clearing of the oak forest, you will lose all your powers!

I don’t know why I thought of that… I’m weird.

The sun is going to be part of this convergence, and you want me to look through a telescope at it??

In this thread, which is right around the corner, the point has been made that this is actually a common occurrence. It happens every twenty years or so, or even more frequently depending on what you consider to be a “major” convergence.

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Yes, please don’t even think about looking through a telescope at this one unless you really want to spend the rest of life blind.

Better yet, go to: and click on the “LASCO C3” image.

There you can find real-time images from the SOHO spacecraft which studies the Sun. One of SOHO’s cameras blocks out the disc of the Sun so it can study the corona (in effect, to SOHO, the Sun always looks like it’s in eclipse!)

The added benefit is that you can see the stars and planets behind the Sun - and right now you can see Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury (from right to left) from the shots SOHO sends back. Pretty cool! Even better are the animations on the same site. Not only can you see Mercury moving against the background stars as it orbits quickly around the Sun, you can watch the atmosphere of the Sun do its thing.

erm, that’s “left to right”, not “right to left”.

I tried to edit my post, but it wouldn’t let me. Phooey.

No, I’m not a moderator. Anyone could’ve done this.

Anyone who thinks this alignment will destroy the Earth probably believes astrology is real and that Nostradamus really was psychic.

“Planets Will Align May 5, 2000”

Oooooo… So THIS is why Art Bell retired.

So… should I slink off and look for some of my dusty Y2K rations?


cant wait ofor the end of the world… got a bet with my friend over who’ll go to heaven and who’ll be listening to Willy Nelson for the rest of eternity…

Nawww…makes perfect sense to me.

Oh, wait…Im weird, too.

Okay, so here I am, it’s May 5. Is something supposed to happen?

Was it the Love Bug virus? Was that it?

OOH, spooky!


::Swiddles dons a costume of buckskin and fringe::


Alright, they only talk about Jupiter aligning with Mars, but still…

Swiddles, if your bonning the Buckskin, can i wear my platforms with the Goldfish in the soles?

Most certainly. In fact, I am thinking that may have to be added to your canonization.

I’ll be off in the corner weaving flowers in my hair if anyone wants me.

jab1, thanks for fixing the link. what was wrong with it? I can’t tell.

see ya there…

Phew! Looks like we survived that one.