Planing Hull, Inventor? First Known Use?

It seems to me the one of the most significant developments in boat design is the planing hull. Of course they require compact internal combustion engines to generate enough thrust to make the design relevant and therefore I presume the planing hull appeared in the early part of the 20th century.

Can anyone point me to concise information regarding the origin of the planing hull design?

Not exactly what you were asking for, but…

Interesting question. Aside from sailing vessels, I am finding it difficult to find historical refs re powerboats. You might try researching a boat builder named Frank Huckins and WWll PT boats. And “quadraconic” planing hull. My search-fu is off today.

That’s vodka-based, right?

Heh, no, I like beer and Huckins was an actual boat builder. What do you mean?

Ahh, maybe a play on the name? I don’t know dude, but my post was serious.

Check the info on the WW1 Thornycroft CMB craft in this reference.