Planning to go to Geno's for a real Cheesesteak? You'd better speak English!

I think any Doper who stops by Geno’s should walk up to the counter, yell pendejos, then go over to Pat’s. :smiley:

Pat’s is better anyway.

He was on the radio and said it was absolutely untrue that he won’t serve folks who don’t speak English.

Surely better to yell something in Italian rather than Spanish: Va’ fa’ un culo!

Sounds like an opportunity for an entrepreneur. Order for foreign speakers, and keep the change. Don’t even need to know another language; if Geno’s won’t let you point at a menu, I will.

Sounds like damage control.

It’s his business. Seems daft to me to alienate customers, but if he only wants cash from 'mericans, who am I to judge.

Damn fingers, hadn’t finished.

…FWIW though, I support the idea that everyone should speak at least remedial English if they’re going to live here. Go to a McDonalds in France and order a Quarter Pounder. G’Head. English is the primary (and ought to be official) language of The United States of America. Period. If an immigrant wants to succeed, he or she will do so beyond their wildest dreams if;

He/She can speak (at least the basics of) the common language.
He/She is smart and ambitious.
He/She is (and this is critical) HERE LEGALLY.

Outside of that, it’s the crapshoot it should be.

Are 'mericans the only English speakers in Philadelphia?

Screw both Pat’s and Geno’s. I make them better than both. It’s funny but true- cheesesteak places in Philadelphia are overrated. Try me and see for yourself. Take the Airman Challenge.

Mannnn, I loves me a good cheesesteak!!!

nods enthusiastically Listen to him. He’s absolutely right. Of course, I’ve never been to either, but I’ve had one of Airman’s famous cheesesteaks. They are to die for.

This is funny for a couple of reasons. :wink:

Quit your yappin’ and make with a recipe.

There’s no real recipe. It’s all technique and preparation, and of course getting good stuff.

We had cheesesteaks for supper tonight. Mmmmmmm. Fattening but so delicious!

I don’t get it; what are the two reasons?

The main thing is the improper use of the word “remedial” in a sentence that contains the phrase “remedial English.” You don’t learn “Remedial English” in a “Remedial English course,” the course is remedial.

Can we get one of our lawyers to tell us if a deaf person (or anyone with a disability that interfered with speech) could sue Vento under the ADA’s public accomodations provisions?

What’s a cheesesteak? :slight_smile: