Plant ID

Hi dopers! Long time lurker here who needs your help. I was taking some pictures in a local bog (southwestern Ontario) when I happened upon this unidentifiable plant:
Well, unidentifiable to me, anyway. All I can tell is that it appears to be insectivorous. I’m sure someone here must know what the heck it is.


Pitcher Plant just emerging maybe?

Pitchers usually depend from stems rather than rise from the ground.

I’d go with Skunk Cabbage.

It is definitely a skunk cabbage flower. A giant plant will grow up after the flowering.

So it’s not carnivorous? :frowning: Oh well, that thermogenesis is pretty neat too. I’'ll have to bring a thermometer next time. Thanks for the speedy answers!

It must be really newly emerged because if anything had bruised the leaves, you’d have definitely smelled it. Skunk cabbage has that name for a reason…