Planting a tree in Korea


It doesn’t take a forest engineer to notice that the tree planted in Korea for the summit meeting was just a put on:

  1. Transplanting a conifer of that size would have little chance to take roots.

  2. Such a large tree planted on a mound would be uprooted at the first burst of wind (unless Kim’s watering can does miracles).

I believe the the tree was there before and that some earth was nicely put around the trunk.

Anyway, the ceremony was interesting to watch.

That’s not an especially large tree and it has a very sizable root ball. Provided it’s taken care of (and isn’t a species that transplants very poorly; I don’t know what flavor of pine it is), it should be fine.

At my job, we’ve transplanted trees with root balls up to ~18,000 lbs. It’s not blowing over. If the wind does seem to be moving it, you can stake it.

Edit: That pine looks to be maybe 12-14’ high? I have multiple jobs on my desk calling for conifers in excess of 20-24’ height. Those are more “Christmas tree” looking plants than the bushier, rounder one they planted at the summit.