plastic lotion bottle cracking ARGH (House wives unite!)

I’m sorry to insult the SD community with this question, but I just purchased some of my wife’s favorite perfume (which is discontinued and she just ran out of recently) for a small anniversary gift. When I received the items ( a combo-box with perfume and a small tube of like scented body lotion) the body lotion container was so old it had internal cracks in the plastic with no breaks.

Needless to say I’m not feeling so great about my present anymore

Is there anyway anyone can think of to keep this bottle from breaking -it seems to only be a matter of time if my wife chooses to try and use it :frowning:

Decant it.

Duct tape? I have a brand of lotion that I like that comes in tubes that frequently crack. Once I opened a suitcase on vacation to find lotion spread liberally over my clothes. I have found that wrapping the tube securely with duct tape is the best method for keeping the lotion inside the tube. Unfortunately, that might not make the most attractive anniversary gift (although duct tape does come in a variety of attractive colors). You might give her the perfume as your gift, and then separately tell her that you have the lotion as well, but needed to do some minor repair work on it.