Plastic surgery for men

So, plastic surgery is becoming more and more accepted. At least, for women. I was wondering how many men on this board would consider a pec implant, brow lift, nose job, nip/tuck, hair implant, chin reduction, ass lift, etc. I’m talking about aestetic surgery here, not the medical necessary ones (skin grafts for burn victims, etc.). And what would you change?

And to the women, how do you rule? What do you think of men who do this? Do you think it is any different than women getting a breast implant? If so, can you explain?

Myself, I think I would like some changes if I could afford it. I’d like a smaller nose, and a bit more hair. But that would be the extent of it. I’m pretty happy with the rest of me. However, I’m not unhappy enough to fork over thousands of euros. I’d do it if it were in the price range of hundreds of euros though.

Up till I was 22 my ears stood almost straight out from my head. I saw an ad in a free newspaper from a plastic surgeon, his price was $500 an ear. I had the surgery and have never regretted it. If I was to consider anything in the future, it would be the removal of a large mole next to my left eye.

Now that I’ve hit 40 I’ve considered it but not very seriously (yet). Specifically the puffy bits under my eyes. A friend who worked for a plastic surgeon said it was a really easy fix and fairly inexpensive. That put the bug in my head about doing it and I may go through with it but I first need to do things like get back in the gym regularly and lose some weight first.

I would love a scar (chin) revision and to get rid of dark circles under my eyes (hereditary thing).

I would love a dental implant and veneers. I think these qualify, too, even though they are dental procedures; an implant is fairly invasive IMHO.

The only thing I’d definately do is get my teeth capped, or whatever so I have a perfect smile. I might also see about having some of the pox marks I had from acne removed, if they could, but I can live with that.

I’d also like to see if that laser surgery you get to remove hair works. I’d love to get my face fixed so I never had to shave again.

No interest whatsoever in anything related to plastic surgery. I had lasik done several years ago, but that was more due to being tired of dealing with contacts and glasses.

I can’t even think of what I’d get done if I were forced to undergo a procedure. It all seems very silly.

I am not against plastic surgery as a rule, but I am totally skeeved out by the idea of implants: pec implants, calf implants, chin implants… blecch! And I think they almost always end up making people look worse.

If I lose as much weight as I would like (another 10ish kg for a total of about 35kg), and get left with some baggy skin round my belly, I’d wish, sigh, and put up with it.


I’m afraid if I ever had plastic surgery I wouldn’t know when to stop . . . there isn’t one part of me that I like. But my partner loves me the way I am, so why rock the boat?

I’d be too worried I’d come out looking like my face was too tight, like Wayne Newton or Kenny Rogers.

Nah. I’m handsome enough. :smiley:

Seriously though. I don’t need to be Zac Effron. “Not ugly” is good enough for me.
Pec or other implants are pretty lame since they don’t actually make you stronger.

I knew a girl who had very large boobs…but she wanted implants so that her boobs would be perky!!!
Personally I think that plastic surgery is really …Like the people who get plastic surgery look FINE in the before pictures.

Not me; I just don’t care enough to go to the expense and discomfort. If I was ugly enough that people stared at me or made comments that would be another thing, but as it is? Nah.

Because the tissue above my upper eyelids actually was baggy enough to obstruct my vision, my insurance paid to have plastic surgery. So I can claim that plastic surgery was performed…I don’t look better, but I can see better.

Otherwise, I’m a poster boy for “before”.