Play SimCity for Real!

This is sort of inspired by this thread in the BBQ Pit.

Is there a building in the downtown area where you live that you would like to see gone? Is there a building that you regard as nothing more than a visual nuisance, a blight upon the city skyline? If some developer were to arrange for it to be replaced a nicer looking structure, you wouldn’t shed a tear?

For instance, there are two buildings in downtown Portland, Oregon that I would love to see replaced by something that’s a little easier on the eyes.

One is the Portland Building. Those who live in the area will know what I’m talking about. While I like the Portlandia statue that adorns the western entrance to the building, the rest of it looks like the architectural equivalent of a fright wig.

The other is a building that I can’t think of the proper name for right now. My brain tells me that “Bank of California Building” is similiar to the name, but I’m not quite sure. It looks like a large concrete finger with a green wedge stuck in the middle of it. Ugh.

What about the rest of you Dopers? The only condition on my OP is that it has to be a major building in the downtown area of the metro area where you live.

yes, definitely

my school. :smiley:


Screw that–I want access to the real life equivalent of the Disaster Menu, especially the Godzilla command. :smiley:

one more thing i want to see demolished besides my school- the trash heap

Well, there’s the Sheraton Hotel here in Nashville, which is topped by what looks like a gigantic tin sombrero. I assume there must be some sort of once-swank skyline restaurant in there or something, but from the outside it looks like a classic example of the worst in 60’s architecture.