Play the Lottery?

Do you play?
If so, how often, and for how much?
Why, or why not?

:slight_smile: magcian davd copperfield did a illusion wher he was able to guess corctley loto numbers :slight_smile:

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I’ve been playing $5 every draw lately, just to keep my hand in. Normally I’d play only if the jackpot was noticably big. I blame the Bush Recession. :wink:

I don’t play the lottery* for the same reason I don’t put a few dollars each week towards a life insurance policy that pays big in the event I get killed by a lightning strike. The odds against me winning the lottery are greater than the odds against me getting killed by a lightning strike but both are very unlikely to happen.
**I don’t play the lottery regularly (or even frequently) but I do daydreamabout winning the lottery and I participate every once in awhile when someone from the office gets a bunch of people to go in on tickets for a huge jackpot. I know I don’t have a chance to win, but the $5 is spent for that fun period of anticipation / daydreaming in the week preceeding the drawing. It’s like paying to go to a haunted house – you know that the ghouls and vampires aren’t real, but you choose to suspend your disbelief for the fun of being scared.

When the jackpot gets really high, I may buy $5 in tickets. I used to play more often, back in the old days when one had to go into the convenience store to pay for gas, but the advent of pay-at-the-pump has reduced my gambling.

It’s $12M in FL this weekend - I don’t think I’ll play yet…

Since the Big Game is up to $200million this week, I’m going to take a shot or two.

Whenever I remember to buy tickets for the Lotto 649, I do. Sure, the odds are about 1.4 million to 1 of a 10-number ticket winning, but it’s fun to dream. Ya never know. 50-100 people win that lottery every year, so it COULD happen.

The jackpots here (Ontario) don’t get into the $200 million range; the big ones are usually about $10-15 million. But it’s tax free, and none of this pay-in-installments nonsense; you get a big fat check and it’s all yours. Excuse me, I have to go daydream about a waterfront condo and a Jaguar now.

I’m with Mr. Blue Sky. It takes jackpots of at least $100 mil for me to bother. I haven’t played since the New York Millenium Millions was in that range last year. I bought a $2 ticket maybe four times, and didn’t get a single number right once.

I’ll take casino gambling over the lottery any day.

After all, what can you do with only 75 million?

In my teens, I worked at a few convenience stores, which a co-worker once nicknamed “Vice Mart.” Few people actually purchased anything useful at these stores; the big sellers were cigarettes and lottery tickets.

It was truly sad, some of these people. There was one man, about sixty or so… he spent $50 EVERY DAY on his lottery numbers. But, at least judging by his dress, mannerisms, and car, he appeared to be mentally and financially stable otherwise.

Most of the customers were down to their last few bucks, but bought lottery tickets anyway. One time, a fat woman came in with a small child, and bought herself a scratch ticket. When her daughter selected a candy bar and asked if she could have it, the fat woman said “No, Mommy doesn’t have enough money for it.” What a bad mother.

Most lotteries pay out something around 60% of what they take in, depending on the state. Most banks pay at least 102% on a savings account; maybe 104% or more on a long-term CD. Would any sane person ever “invest” money into a financial arrangement where he would LOSE 40% of his money.

The main benefit of all this, is that the lottery system serves as a stupidity tax. The stupider you are, the more you play the lottery; in this way, everyone each pays their fare share. And since the profit goes to the government, my taxes are kept down.

On the other hand, I thought the whole reason the government got involved in gambling is because people were going to do it anyway; better to let them deal with an honest and reliable “bookie.” It is pretty ironic, then, that the lottery agencies actually ADVERTISE to get people to gamble more.

Yes I play $6 a pull twice a week…
My question is why do people only play when it gets so high… Is 10 or 20 million not enough for you? , small change is it? :stuck_out_tongue:

$300 million Big Game drawing Tuesday!
I bought my usual $1 Illinois Lottery ticket this morning.I spend $4 per week on lottery-$1 each on 2 state drawings & 2 multistate big game drawings.
My cat Mike looks like that cat from the TV show
First Edition,but never brings me the next day’s Sun Times ,so I just get random picks.Occasionaly win,but not enough for any lifestyle changes.

How does this make her a bad mother? First of all, kids don’t need candy bars. Second of all, should parents always give their children everything they ask for? Should parents always forgo thier own luxuries to give a child luxuries?

Seems like you are mixing apples and oranges here. Savings accounts and CDs are fully funded by a person’s own money. Lotteries are not. I play the lottery once in a while, but I certainly haven’t put 300 million dollars in the lottery over the years I have played. So it’s pointless in that sense to compare it to real investments, and to talk about return on investment for lottery tickets. That’s not why anyone plays them!