Playing Morrowind now...Anyone who can tell me how Daggerfall ended?

So i bought an X-box the other week and am currently having a wonderful time playing “Morrowind” on it.

This set me thinking however.I had “Daggerfall” the previous game in the series for my PC. Now i thought it was great but soon had to give up on it because it was so hideously buggy and constantly crashing.

Now as i recall at the start of Daggerfall your summoned to a meeting with the Emperor.He tells you that one of his subject kings died recently but now his spirit is walking the Earth crying out for vengance. Go put a stop to it. Also he casually mentions while your their recover certain letters from the dead guys queen.

My initial assumption was that the letters were probably compromising ones between the queen and the Emperor and that he probably had some hand in the Kings death, hence the unquiet spirit looking for revenge.But i never got far enough to find out.

So am i right? Did anyone actually complete it and can satisfy my curiosity about what was going on.

I’ve never met anyone who played the story in either games. You might want to check gamefaqs to see if anyone there has ever finished the games storylines.

Gamefaqs was the first place i looked. Nothing there i’m afraid.
Similarly couldn’t find much but a few hints and a lot of defunct links with Google

I did finish it but i’m sorry, I have no idea what happened. Not sure i even did at the time, I just remember being so relieved that I could now stop playing it. :smiley:

There are books in Morrowind that tell the story.

Complete Main Quest walkthru for Daggerfall

Looks like a dead link. I get a DNS error on it.

Link works fine for me.

I played Daggerfall, and for awhile I loved it, but soon I gave up. The story line got so complicated I had no idea what I was doing. or why I was doing anything. Too many messages, sub-quests, sub-plots. I was able to get very strong & very rich.
I prefer Diablo II - kill, kill kill.

Daggerfall really had an ending? I thought you just played it until you scratched your eyes out of their sockets in an effort to get away from it.

My main memory of the game is falling through the cracks between dungeon wall and dungeon floor, landing on the ceiling of the dungeon hallway beneath me, and looking at the whole dungeon from the Outside. It was very Dark City, very surreal – and very, very, very, very frustrating.