Playoff hockey or chatting with the SO

My GF had a busy week this week so we didn’t have a chance to hang out until last night, which of course was game 2 of the Red Wings-Canucks series.

Can you see my dilemma?

She wanted to get together and do something (that involved anything that didn’t involve watching hockey), but I wanted to go to the bar and watch the Wings (ultimately get their asses kicked) with the guys.

A verbal brouhaha equal to a McCarty-Lemieux exchange broke out, I went to the bar, and enjoyed a few refreshing cocktails whilst hanging with the boys.

Now tell me: was I wrong? She knows I love the Wings, she knows it’s playoff time. And it’s not like she was hopping on a plane to go on a 6-month tour of Asia today. I had (have) every intention of taking her out tonight and doing whatever she wants.

I mean, I love her, but jeez the Wings were down 0-1 in the series going into last night’s game.
So was it too much to ask for me to watch hockey last night?

Yes. Presumably, you haven’t seen each other all week. I would certainly expect to be higher on my SO’s list of priorities than hockey and beer with the guys. Especially at the end of a busy week.

It’s the playoffs! Duh.

But next time, let her know more than 20 minutes ahead of time.

Think you’ll get any support from female non-sport fans?

Tonight’s the end of a busy week, and I’m ready to do anything her little heart desires.

And for what it’s worth, we hadn’t talked since Wednesday, then she called me up at 6 last night wanting to hang out. Since I didn’t know she was going to want do anything, and since the game started around 7, and since one of my friends called me around 5ish and told me about the hockey-watching plans…well, you catch my drift.

And, whistlepig, while I don’t expect much support from non-sports-loving females here, I would hope they would examine the facts before them and give an unbiased opinion on the matter at hand. :slight_smile:


Presuming there was no significance to the day (birthday, anniversary, theater tix, etc), you had no plans (she gave you an hour’s notice) and you could spend the day today, going out a night with the boys should be fine.

If it was a special day, or you couldn’t do a day in the near future, or there will be a prolonged time you will be apart soon, so, IMHO.

And you may soon have plenty of time with her, the Canucks are kicking your ass.

That is definitely for sure! When’s the next game? I gotta watch it! Hahaha. :slight_smile:

Tonight - but don’t riot if you get past the Dead Things and make the finals like in '94. Usually the WINNING city riots, not the losers.

Hey, you take your opportunities where you can get’em :stuck_out_tongue:

In regards to the original question, the answer is obvious: which activity is more likely to result in sex?

Of course you were wrong. With whom do you have the relationship, your SO or your boob tube?

Okay, female, non-sport fan checking in here. I agree…she shouldn’t have been offended if you told her in advance, invited her to come along… especially since you are available the next day. But couldn’t you watch the play-offs at home so that she could provide you with a little commercial-break attention?

Well, he did not have plans with her. He made plans with his friends at 5 when they called, and she called at 6. First come, first served. If he is that big a fan, she could’ve seen if there was a game, too. He did leave the next night.

Most of the time, I’d have invited her along.

He may not be able to enjoy the Detroit Dead Things for long…

You need to crack the whip a little harder! I can get my SO to watch the Sharks whenever they are on TV, if only so she can cringe at how ugly Mike Ricci is.

You are assuming that la règle du jeu are rational and equitable. Big mistake. The only safe solution to the OP’s problem is to grovel in abject apology, and in the future seek counsel from his Possum Lodge brethern prior to making such a poor decision again.

I have a relationship with my SO and my friends, with whom I watched the hockey game.

Most of the time I would have too, but 6 guys hanging with one guy’s girlfriend is a little…awkward.

We’re up 2-1 in game three (second intemission right now), so I haven’t given up hope.

And besides there’s always the Tiger-- uh…wait, the Pistons!-- there’s always the Pistons. They’re in the playoffs too, ya know.


Hear, hear.