playstation 2 games you can play with the DDR mat

My kids just brought home a used copy of Dance Dance Revolution complete with the dancing mat, which resembles the game controller, but with two major buttons missing. (IIRC, as I’m at my office, it has an X button and a triangle button). My kids are enjoying the games, and I like that it gives them exercise, but the enjoyment is bound to wear off.

Are there any other games for the PS2 you can play with the DDR mat? Any experiences in playing, say, a driving game with it? Having more games they could play with it may lengthen the use of it and keep them exercising.

It has all the face buttons of a normal controller, just no analog controls, and the buttons are in a different configuration.
There are a lot of other DDR-type games you can play.
I’ve enjoyed (briefly) playing fighting games like Soul Calibur on these mats.