Please compare Skype and Whereby

I regularly chat to friends (especially abroad) using Skype.
So far, so good. :sunglasses:

Recently a reliable friend recommended Whereby as a better and more ‘modern’ alternative.
I had no problem using that either. :smiley:

What are the differences?
Is Skype in danger of not being supported by Windows in the future?


More of an IMHO question.

Skype is owned by Microsoft, so that seems unlikely. One difference is that I’ve never heard of Whereby.

This is me hoping none of my friends start using it. I already have Skype, WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Duo, Messenger, Hangouts, Slack, and SMS for personal use, and Symphony, Bloomberg, and Webex for work use in terms of messaging apps. Do you know what I don’t need? Another messaging app.

I Googled; Whereby is owned by a privately held Norwegian company with what appears to be less than a hundred employees. Seems much more likely to disappear than Skype.

I’ve not ever heard of Whereby, either.

And, I, too, already wind up using a bunch of other video/voice chat apps. I have to use Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Skype for Business, and Zoom, all for work purposes (multiple clients, each of whom prefer a different platform), plus using Zoom, Discord, and WhatsApp for personal stuff.

Unless a new app offers something that the others don’t, I’d see no good reason to try it. Though, I can foresee having the one quirky friend who declares, “I refuse to support any of the big companies, and I will only use [random app that no one has heard of].”

Microsoft is already phasing out Skype for Business and is moving people to Teams instead. There has been some indication that they want to replace Skype for home users with a home version of Teams as well, though as far as I am aware they haven’t made any official announcement for it yet. In the long term it doesn’t make much sense for Microsoft to continue with two similar products, and since they seem to think Teams is the future and will be THE NEXT BIG THING then a push to kill off Skype and get everyone over to Teams would not really be much of a surprise.

I have never even heard of Whereby. It’s probably some small company’s plan to become the next Skype, which probably won’t happen. Unless it has some new whiz-bang feature that Skype or Teams doesn’t have then I’d say its chances of still being around five years from now are not that great.

Thanks for the replies - I shall chat to my friend about the subject!

Apparently the advantage of Whereby over Skype was that you just run it from within a browser, rather than download a program.

As engineer_comp_geek says, I see that Microsoft are expanding the use of Teams (for business users at least.)
Assuming they do also move home users across - how easy is Teams to use (compared to Skype)?