Please copy greek chorus dialogue for me verbatim

I go on Wikipedia’s page about Greek Chorus, they have no examples; google doesn’t help. I want many literary examples of greek choruses, especially the rare? ones with only 3- I read that most had many members, as they had many functions in the plays. And the chorus dialogue from Might Aphrodite, as the script is not available online.

Especially ones that rhymed- did most of them rhyme? Especially especially rhyming, three-member ones :smiley:

It’s not entirely clear – do you want examples of the original Greek plays that used them, or examples of their use in literary works only?

In Greek or English?

For the originals, most of the works of the playwrights can probably be found easily. Here’s a list to start.

The very end of Oedipus the King in transliterated Greek:


Dude, ever hear of a library?

Just the words of the chorus- with indicators of differing speakers, like Guy 1: Guy 2:, etc., from plays and literature, and Mighty Aphrodite, in English please.

But I don’t know what plays they appear the most in- I know, I know, a hex upon me for not being classically educated- and even then, you can give me the best snippets of chorus dialogue, and any 3-man chorus stuff if there is any.

Don’t make that library thing your catchphrase- it’s almost as bad as ‘google is your friend.’

Man, I wish the dope was around when I needed to do my homework.

This is research for a student film.

There are, like, people who work in those places, and if you walk in and say “I need to find a greek chorus” they can almost definitely help. It’s kind of what they do.

I walked into a (small local) library once and said “I need to find a book published by Alfred A. Knopf before 1960,” and 10 minutes later I walked out with the book I needed. It probably wasn’t the weirdest request that nice lady had ever received, either.

It’s not your lack of a classical education I’m tempted to hex you for, it’s your laziness. If you need to find something and you only look online before asking people to find it for you, at least be up-front about the fact that you couldn’t be arsed to get off your ass.

Don’t tell me what to do, young man. (Sorry, just seemed like the right reply. :D) But lest it keep you up at night, you’re the first person I’ve ever (figuratively) said that to in the year I’ve been here.