Please don't call it...

In another thread, Strainger asked that Orange County not be called ‘The OC’. I agree. It’s just ‘OC’. I’ve heard that San Francisco natives don’t like people calling their city ‘Frisco’. In that vein…

Please don’t call California ‘Cali’.

San Pedro is pronounced ‘San Pee-dro’.

It’s Westminster; not ‘Westminister’.

Russiaville, Indiana, is pronounced “Rushville” by it’s locals.
Louisville, Kentucky, is “LOO-uh-ville” by Louisvillians.

Apparently, you’re not supposed to call it meth anymore. It’s uh… what, speed? Who can keep up with those crazy kids these days.

Call Chicago “Chi-town” and I will physically slap you.

I would have students here tell me they were going to “Cali” for the weekend.
I always told them I used to live in “Fornia”, a suburb of “Cali”, but much nicer and more fun.

BTW, nobody here in Las Vegas minds if you call it “Vegas”…even many of the locals do so.

Chi-Town Hustler :smiley:

If only Californians would stop saying “The 405” for I-405.

No, the freeway is ‘the’.

Damn right. It’s Chi-tonw, as any fule kno.

Also, please don’t call it “jolly” (or “merrie”) “olde” England, unless you want to be beaten to death with morris-dancing sticks.

I assumed it was an Arrested Development reference.

Please don’t refer to Olympia as “Oly”. Or Tacoma as “T-Town”. Or Puyallup as… well, it’s probably better you don’t try to refer to it at all until you learn the pronunciation.

I’ll be over in Sequim. Or maybe I’ll go down to Port Hueneme.

You don’t pronounce the S in Illinois.

This is a bizarre elitist NorCal thing. Some NorCal dudes think that because SoCal will say “THEE 101” and here in NorCal dudes say “the 101”*, somehow “The 101” is wrong, evil, low-class, low-brow and badwrongfun. If a news announcer sez it the SoCal way on TV, hundreds of angry emails are generated. I don’t get it.

  • Yes, I know NorCalers *claim *they don’t say “the” but I hear many of them say a very soft “the”. True, it’s no-where near as pronounced as SoCal.

Nobody lives in New Joisey, and we don’t talk like that. Shut the fuck up.

I can give “Chi-town” a pass. It’s “the Chi/Shy” that bugs the shit out of me.

How do you feel about Cahuenga and Sepulveda? La Canada?

You’re welcome to call Cleveland the CLE or the 216, whatever you like, as long as you’re speaking about Cleveland at all.

Having grown up in areas with oddly pronounced place-names, I don’t really mind when outsiders say things wrong. It makes it easy to distinguish locals from outsiders.

The thing about “Frisco” is that the working stiffs (and I don’t mean financial district types) will call it that to piss off the rich folks. My Dad, a fifth generation native almost never says the whole name. (And yes, I was born there too, making me sixth generation.) I call it SF, San Francisco, the City and rarely Frisco.