Please don't squeeze (Dick Wilson Dead at age 91)

As a classic commercial junkie, I was very saddened to hear the news that Dick Wilson (better known as Charmin’s Mr. Whipple) is dead at the age of 91.

RIP, Mr. Whipple. Softly. :frowning:

Great. Now I can squeeze all the Charmin I want now that Mr. Whipples not around.

I seem to recall an episode of Mythbusters pointing out that Adam Savage had his first acting role opposite Mr. Whipple in a Charmin commerical.

I feel the urge to go squeeze a roll of charmin now. he was so much better than those stupid cartoon bears.

Now if I could just kill the memory of those stupid commercials, I’d be happy.

Can someone clarify for me why we’re not supposed to squeeze the Charmin? :confused:

Weird trivia: According to Charmin makers Procter & Gamble, a 1978 survey found that “Mr. Whipple” was the third best-known American, behind only recently-ousted President Richard Nixon and evangelist Billy Graham.

Some company to be in.


Because Mr. Whipple told us not to, to the point that he put up signs in his grocery store to discourage this vaguely sexual practice. Then–irony of ironies!–he’d end up squeezing it himself as a crowd of housewives surrounded him to tut-tut.

Not the first guy to rail against a fetish he himself indulged in…RIP Mr. Wilson :slight_smile:

How soft is our Proctor and Gamble product? Soft as breasts. Stick it to the Man by actively, at last, fully joining-in the Sexual Revolution, liberate your inhibitions and defy the Puritan, purse-lipped, anal-retentive, old, Establishment Member who has been pruriently, surreptitiously monitoring your every legitimate and deserved attempt at self-fulfilment and gratification and is now literally wagging his finger at you, and who is himself, predictably, sexually repressed and disingenuous judging by his sickeningly engratiating embarrassed fumbling as he closes the whole ironic circle by absentmindedly and energetically squeezing the breasts, … er, Charmin, himself (looking directly at the shopping housewife) as even she and her kids wisely observe and ejaculate in unison with naughty but approving inflection the signature “MR WHIPPLE!”

It was all about selling through titillation and giggling double-entendre and fully a product of its times, the Sixties. The Mr. Whipple persona happened to catch on in a big way, nobody knows why, so they went with it “ad” nauseam. What a way to be remembered. I would rather have been Ned Beatty in Deliverance. Jerk. (Mr. Whipple, not Dick Wilson).

Sorry to bump the thread, but I just wanted to mention that I saw a tearjerker of a memorial commercial to Mr. Whipple on TV Land one night (while getting my MASH fix.) It was very good, and contained several bits from the old commercials (including some of the b/w ones) and ended on a tribute end card.

If you’re a Dick Wilson fan, keep your eyes open.

I saw that one (I think) the other day, but it wasn’t on TV Land, it what whatever network The View is on. (Not watching by choice; I was in a waiting room.)

Very nice.

I just saw the entire memorial commercial; it was a very nice tribute. It even made me a little teary.

And it was not at all creepy like the Zombie Orville Reddenbacher ones.

Here ya go