please, fix my broken toe

I broke my toe last night. The fourth one, next to pinky.
It is crooked, purple, and hurts like a son of a bitch.

Here’s a list of things you need to know:

1 - I have no money. Going to the doctor is not an option. I refuse to go to an urgent care center for their “meet, greet, treat and street” routine for a few hundred dollars.

2 - Staying off my feet for any length of time is not an option. I must wear shoes most of the day.

3 - hi opal

Can anybody help me? The word “Vicodin” should not be a main part of your plan. Just something simple to get me through.

Tape your broken toes to your good toes. They will act as a splint. That’s all the doctor would do anyway. I broke my pinkie and after re-locating it (it was completely turned around) he just taped it to the other one.

About your shoes. Sandals or you will have to cut the toe of an old pair of runners. Your toes are going to swell. Ice them (at night, whenever you have time) and take some extra strength tylenol. Good luck

Sorry I should’ve been clearer, tape your broken toe (the little piggie that had none) to the toe beside it only (the little piggie that had roast beef).

Now I’m really done.

Stiff soled shoes may help.

I broke my toe on the 2nd & it still hurts.

I recommend scotch. Apply liberally, internally.

I broke my little toe once. The advice you’ve gotten will do well. Have some Scotch, grit your teeth, snap it back into place, then tape it up. That’s all a doctor will do to it too. Hurts for a quite a while cuz it’s hard to completely immobilize toes, but it should heal up just fine:)

I broke the same toe playing sand lot football.
Hurts like hell don’t it.
I tried to tape it but it didn’t help.
Finally I just lived with it.
Unfortunately for me I was about 14. Didn’t have the scotch option.

Ouch! I know how that hurts beckwall. I broke the three middle toes after accidently dropping a sheet of plywood on my foot. Foolish me, I went to the ER (It was a Sunday). They will take x-rays and they used popsicle type sticks to “prop” each broken toe for individual x-rays. It really hurt like hell.

They didn’t even tape them, but provided me with crutches and pain pills.

The advice given is good. Other than sympathy, I would add that if you can handle aspirin, Ibuprofin 500 should ease the pain a bit.

Owww! I broke the toe next to my big toe once. Don’t waste your time & money going to the doctor, just tape it as others have told you. I broke mine right before going on vacation, doing lots of walking. I bought a pair of Teva (open toed) sandals, and really had no problems. I find them amazingly comfortable shoes. I’d suggest buying some; if it’s cold you can wear them with socks.

Of course that may look a little strange if you have to wear a power suit to work!