Please God, Tell Me This Is A Joke

This is beyond belief.
It is like a very bad joke, which I hope it is.
This cannot be legal.

After my initial shock and revusion and anger, I thought maybe I’ve just been had by someone with a sick sense of humor.

And I warn you, if you love animals and the sight of them suffering disturbs you, don’t look at this.
If this is for real, WHERE THE FUCK IS PETA?

And what kind of sick fuck would do this?

Please tell me this is a joke.

Learn it. Love it.

Look up in the sky!

It’s a bird!

It’s clueless!


It’s all a joke djf. Don’t worry. Although I do have a fine offer for you from some Nigerian friends of mine.

It’s a joke.

Hehe, they get everyone with that one.

Here’s another since snopes ain’t working, apparently.

People still aren’t falling for that are they? That fake site has been around for years.

It always floors me that Westerners will believe any piece of cruel nonsense provided it is attributed to Asia.

Like the cooked babies in that other thread.

Im a dumbass.

But at least I suspected that it… never mind… I’m a dumbass.

In my experience, the reverse is also true.

ITS A 212 area code-isnt that new york?

Okay, I haven’t visited the site in a few years but the “picture frame” is kind of funny (just for the badness of the digital manipulation). And for the gullible, a good hint that it’s fake is when the site says things to make your frame using

and then goes on to instruct you to sprinkle your cat-pelt picture frame with flea powder as necessary.

It’s a joke.



It’s not a joke.


-Grand High Dark Lord Nebu’uclar’dezzez’lertar, Prince of Lies

LOL LOL LOL…this is ollllllld news! Where have some of you been? :confused:

sigh. That site got me too when I first saw it. 3 years ago.

“I am lying”


-The Guy Who Always Tells Lies

trippy, eh?


Perhaps someone should go ahead and collect the various Bonsai Kitten rants which have graced these pages.

Jesus Fuck (undetermined if rant was actually about the BK)

The horror… The horror…

The near-miss-whoosh

If the dim lights see it, how long before it becomes a reality?

But if you want to see something really amusing, just check out my website, which will soon feature live videos of babies buried up to their necks and then run over with a John Deere.*