Please help! Diabetes, Vegetarianism and Yeast Infections

I’m a Type II diabetic who is constantly beseiged with horrid, horrid yeast infections. I am wondering; how much of this is due to diet (I’m more or less vegetarian with a completly vegetarian SO who likes to feed me breads, pastas and potato-products), if so, are there any vegetarian alternatives that won’t make my body very unhappy? And are there any ways to get rid of the yeast infections that won’t involve breaking the bank? I get them on a monthly basis, and I’m getting kind of sick of having to shell out $$ for those creams… PLEASE HELP!!

Persistent yeast infections may well be a sign of poorly controlled diabetes. I think you should see your doctor.

Due to circumstances, which will probably be explained in the Pit, I have no Medical Insurance, despite working full time.

I know that my diabetes isn’t under the best control due to having to eat vegetarian all the time with a “not-so-healthy” veggie eater (more accurately bread, pasta, taters, cheese eater) who restricts my meat and other protein intake.

I would like to know if the vegetarian diet is causing my diabetes to be “out of whack”, as I suspect, and if anyone can provide ideas for vegetarian foods that will not upset my blood sugars.

Also, a more immediate problem: yeast infection hell! I need a natural (and cheap) way to make it stop!

IANAD, but –

Most of the foods you mentioned - bread, pasta, potatoes - have a high glycemic index. That means they convert relatively quickly to sugar in your system. You may be subjecting your body to wide swings in blood sugar and too much blood sugar.

I seem to recall that high blood sugar encourages yeast infections.

I’m not a dietician, either. However, eating more VEGETABLES - carrots, broccoli, zuccini, etc. - as opposed to just GRAINS - will help even out your blood sugar. Don’t forget protein such as beans, as well as cheese.

Whole grains are better for you than processed - that’s BROWN rice, WHOLE wheat, RYE, and so forth. They are absorbed more slowly.

And you may think you’re surviving on the cheap now - but if you don’t control your diabetes the consequences can becomes EXTREMELY expense down the line. As in, it might cost your an arm or a leg.

Find a doctor who is willing to accept small payments - they do exit - to meet the cost of medical care. Discuss this BEFORE the first visit. Explain your problem(s). Get some sound medical advice.

First, I should point out that diabetes is nothing to laugh at and a significant amount of the damage it does is permanant. It’s not a slippery slope, but it is one way.
Actually, first I should’ve said that IANAD(yet) and you should see if you can talk with one. (I know it’s not easy, but I know there are clinics that charge on a sliding scale. I think Planned Parenthood does so). I know it’s the yeast infection you’re focused on, but think of it as part of whole problem. Tell your SO you need the help with your diet. And KarlGauss is right, you could nuke your vagina, but if it’s related to the diabetes it’ll keep coming back.

A few yeast-related points (warning- may be too explicit for some):
-Always wear white cotton panties. Nylon and Lycra may trap air and create a breeding ground for yeast. Never wear panty hose alone - always wear cotton panties underneath.
-Never use petroleum-based lubricants for vaginal lubrication during sexual intercourse. Use use water-based lubricants if you use them.
-Always wipe from front to back after a bowel movement to prevent the yeast which normally inhabits the intestinal tract from being transferred to the vaginal area. This is also relevant for sexual intercourse when, due to the proximity of a normally colonized area (rectum) the little buggies get dragged inside. (Obligatory reference to Cecil’s explanation of how some buggies spread from there.)
-Anecdotes (not proof) support that eating one cup of yogurt a day helps some women prevent the yeast infections that often follow antibiotic treatment; however, eating yogurt will not cure a yeast infection.
-Don’t use perfumed bath products or powders in the vaginal area, these can cause irritations which can lead to infection.
-Don’t use douches! Douches wash away the natural protective mucous of the vagina leaving the vagina more susceptible to yeast and other vaginal infections.

There are some good over-the-counter meds that can (often) treat infections which I’m guessing you tried.

One of the reasons yeast infections can recurr is loss of the normal flora. I can’t remember (I’m sure someone will come along with more info), but I think recollonization with the right bugs can help (after getting rid of the wrong ones). I’ve heard of suppositories or even inserting a tampon (for ~1 hr) that was dipped in yogurt (unsweetened, NO fruit, with active cultures). I’ve also heard from a nutritionist that garlic is supposed to help fight fungal infections.

This isn’t the best forum (if you want to cure it, talk to a physician!), but are you sure it’s yeast? Could it be bacterial vaginitis? This could spread upwards and lead to more problems. One way sometimes distinguishes BV is that there is often a bad smelling discharge. Candida usually produces a whiter curds or cottage-cheese like discharge that doesn’t smell so bad. The only way to really diagnose is to look under the microscope. (A friend of mine self-diagnosed using the microscope of the lab she worked in. :))

Recurrent yeast infections are no fun. Make your SO understand that your health and comfort are important to you get your SO to work with you.

<stops preaching and gets down off soap box>

Good luck


Are you just going “off the cuff” with how you plan and prepare your vegetarian meals? Since I decided to “go veggie,” I’ve been making sure that I follow the vegetarian food pyramid on a daily basis. That way, I’m not missing stuff I’m supposed to be ingesting (like the proper range of vitamins, etc.).

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