Please help identify: Kurt Vonnegut piece

I’m trying to locate a Kurt Vonnegut piece, but I only have very vague recollections about it because it’s about 16 years since I skimmed over it.

It was one of his non-fiction pieces. In it, he analysed the dramatic structure of various famous books and stories. I believe he even went so far as to represent their peaks and troughs with a simple line diagram - and these little line sketches were actually reproduced in the book. (Apologies if I haven’t described this entirely accurately, which I probably haven’t.)

Can anyone identify which piece I’m referring to, and in which Vonnegut book or compilation I can find it?

[snarky comment] Great, now if only somebody could diagram the chess game that Vonnegut described in “All the King’s Horses”.[/sc]* :smiley:

Sorry I can’t help you with that I.D., ianzin. I’ve read a fair amount of Vonnegut and that doesn’t ring any bells.

  • The infamous chess game that cannot be played as described. Which is probably hard to do, given the bazillions of combinatorial permutations possible in chess…

I’m not sure how many non-fiction books he’s written, but here are the ones I know of:

Wampeters, Foma & Granfalloons
Palm Sunday
Bagombo Snuff Box
God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian
Nothing Is Lost Save Honor
Fates Worse Than Death

I know it’s not Wampeters, and I doubt it’s Kevorkian, that you’re looking for.

I believe that its in Palm Sunday. Its in an essay describing something that he wrote his graduate thesis on at the University of Chicago. If its not there, try Wampeters, Foma, and Granfaloons.

I saw Vonnegut give a talk at the University of Georgia in about 1993; this was included in the lecture (his diagram of the plot of “The Metamorphosis” was hilarious). I don’t recall ever having read it though, and I’ve read most of his work.

I’ve read it. I did a quick look and didn’t locate, but it does exist.

Not much help, sorry, but I hope to encourage you, at least.

Palm Sunday.

from this website: