Please help locate this music book (guitar)

I apologize in advance for a vague post of little to no interest to anyone, but I’m going nuts trying to remember and find this book.

It was a guitar book of Grateful Dead songs. The problem is, I can’t remember what it was called or who it was by. It was light blue, in a ring-binder type format, and was by an anonymous fan.

I’ve already checked amazon, ebay, and deadnet.

If you don’t know this book by the terrible description I’ve given here, maybe you could suggest a good alternative.

The reasons I liked the book I’m looking for:

  • Each song had a listing of all of the chords used in it, with a fretboard diagram of what that chord looks like

  • As you get more advanced, or comfortable with the song, you could start messing with the actual notes rather than just the chord progessions, but it wasn’t necessary for it to sound good

  • The chords seemed to remain true to the actual original music. I’ve looked at some books where the writer has clearly gone to another key, or substituted simplified chords- and they just don’t sound as good.
    I’m pretty much a dabbler nowadays- so I can’t handle straight-up sheet music, I need the diagrams as crutches.

Thanks in advance!


Try calling a music store that has catalogs. I worked at a music store for a few years and we would get a catalog every year of almost all music books that came out for that year. They should be able to do a search by artist and see all the books listed. But it may be out of print. Otherwise, try to find out the manufacturer and call them direct. Hope that helps!