Please help me add content to my web site

I need help. Check this (not)link for plan A.

Now check this (not)link .

Sorry that most of the content is missing. I’m constantly having to hide the majority of the archives from prowling bosses.

Anyway, the response has been crap (oh, I wonder why). Please make suggestions! I’ll put the funniest or most evil up next week.

Moderators - help: can I cut and paste any responses here or do you own them? Don’t want to get into trouble.

Thanks antone who bothers.



I am a bit confused as to what kind of information you want.
suggestions about what? about the site layout? the information?
are you looking for other people’s stories?

Ok. Sorry.

Check the first link. It outlines the distress my new boss is causing me. There is a link on that page to plan A - disposal of said boss.

Check the second link. I am asking for suggestions for plan B.

You know, every thread I ever started has ended up like this…

maybe that is where it was confusing.
Link to plan A does not work.

Plan A goes to a “file not found” for me.

Btw, you could update your site easier by using LiveJournal. You can just use it as-is (free) or embed it into your site (paid account only) using a simple javascript tag. It lets you post updates from a little program that sits on your desktop… no actual fussing with the html files at all.

Here are some examples of embedding journal entries in a site: – “headlines only” embedding (just below the “Site News” section) – full journal embedding – full embedding again