Please help me figure out what movie this scene is from...

Hi, I’ve got a movie scene stuck in my head and it’s driving me CRAZY. There’s a slim chance it could be something else like a TV show, but i’m pretty sure it’s a film. It’s definitely relatively modern, probably no earlier than the 90’s (80’s at the absolute earliest, early 00’s at the latest). A man whisks a woman off somewhere on his motorcycle. As they ride down a scenic backroad with a lot of trees on both sides of the road, she climbs up and around him and either straddles him or sort of sits on the handlebars, and they kiss passionately. It’s very similar to Alicia Silverstone’s motorcycle kissing scene in Aerosmith’s “Amazing” music video, but it’s definitely not that.

Any ideas? It was definitely a very memorable scene and I’m quite sure that whatever it’s from isn’t at all obscure, so this shouldn’t be too hard! Thanks a lot in advance.

That sounds familar. I think it was from “Grease 2” but I can’t find a clip of it on youtube.


I think there was a scene like that at the end of one of the Hot Shots movies.

There was, in the first one, but I’d wager that it was a parody of a similar scene in another movie.

There’s definitely a scene like that in Grease 2.

Sounds like a Viagra commercial.


That scene is kind of in the middle of the movie, when the hero picks up the girl from the gas station she works at.

tomthumb76, does the man have a helmet on?

could it have been Meatloaf’s I would do anything for lovevideo?

Officer and a gentleman?

Thanks so much for the help so far guys. Keep the suggestions coming – I’m busily following up on them. Miller and puddleglum, I’m looking through the first Hot Shots right now, but I can’t find a scene like that at the end. Are you positive it was the first one, and do you remember where exactly the scene was? Right before the end credits, or what?

The Devil’s Grandmother, I’m not sure whether the man has a helmet, but I’m pretty sure the woman doesn’t. I watched the Meat Loaf video you linked, and noticed some man/woman-on-motorcycle scenes but nothing where the woman is facing him in front. Did I miss it?

One of the Bond movies has something a bit like that, although I think the woman is handcuffed to Bond and the climbing around is performed in order to shoot at pursuing villains.

Yes, that was in “Tomorrow Never Dies.”

I think there was a similar scene in the Jason Statham film, “Crank.”

No, my brain had filled in the woman facing in the final drive away. Sorry for the distraction.

The shot in Grease 2 was mostly arial; the man/rider had a helmet on, the woman/passenger did not. Still can’t find a clip.

And even more recently in Knight & Day.

Is there a scene like that in Top Gun, which Hot Shots was already parodying as a whole?

Wasn’t there a scene like this in one of the Mannekin movies? The woman on the bike would’ve been the mannekin come to life (when no one else was around; with witnesses, she reverts back to her lifeless form).

Just watched both Mannequin movies, the first one has a bike scene but it’s just a straightforward chase, the woman (mannequin) stays on the back. Still trying to find the one in Hot Shots.

“Yes man” with Jim Carrey& Zooey Deschanel?

There’s a scene like that in If by Lindsay Anderson, where Malcolm McDowell has an affair with a local waitress.
It’s too early to be the scene you’re thinking of, though - and it’s mainly set in an English boarding school!