Please help me figure out what story this is from

This is all I remember about the story: A British man in India is with another man in a bungalow. All of a sudden the guy thinks he is bitten by a snake and swears that there’s a snake in there with them. They go through the bungalow, tearing it up, frantically searching for the snake. They can’t find it anywhere, and the other guy is convinced that he was bitten by the snake, so they call a doctor, and the doctor comes and discovers that there never was a snake, the man was never bitten, and he was freaking out because he was paranoid. What is this story? I think it might be just called “SNAKEBITE,” but I’m not sure. Any help?

Sounds like it could be Poison, a short story by Roald Dahl.

That’s it! Thanks!!!